Match Adventure – A Match-3 Journey

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Match Adventure is a fun match-3 game starring Gemmy the Squirrel. Unfortunately, someone destroyed the forest during the night. Help Gemmy to restore her forest and find her missing brother! Your journey may not be easy. You will need to talk to all your forest friends to find out what happened the night before. Travel from place to place to learn new details about the disappearance of her brother.

In order to play this game in English, please follow this instruction.


  • Complete levels and earn coins that you can use to rebuild structures
  • Many cute and interesting characters to meet and get acquainted with
  • Decorate your forest and earn your reputations in the word
  • Plenty of levels to solve to progress your story

Instructions to Play Match Adventure:

  • In order to progress, play the levels and complete their goals. Talk to various characters to reveal clues of what may have happened to the forest and her brother.
  • Unlock a part of a secret mechanism that will help them to get to the next world.
  • As you progress, unlock more boosters and use them to help you solve the levels
  • For PC users, use your mouse. For mobile users, use the touchscreen

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Match Adventure – A Match-3 Journey