Many Benefits of Video Games for Adults and Kids

Many Benefits of Video Games for Adults and Kids

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Do you know that there are actually many benefits of video games to enjoy? Most people, especially parents, often associate video games with tons of negative traits. However, video games can actually deliver some positive benefits – if you are able to manage your time. For kids, parents can contribute by choosing the right games and set up rules concerning their gaming time. There’s nothing completely good or completely bad. It depends on your personal arrangement and how to figure out stuff.

Improved Problem Solving Abilities

Every video game has its own rules and regulations. If you join online games, there are also rules related to the game. You will have to figure out a way to play the games, enjoy them, and follow the rules. Each game also has its own challenges and obstacles – and you need to solve them all. By playing games, your abilities are tested. All of your decisions will determine your progress. Whether you are going to progress or failing the mission is up to your decision. Playing games is a good way to hone your problem solving skill – in the fun way!

Better Coordination

To the eyes of the beholder, gamers may sit inactively staring at the screen. In reality, gamers have active (and busy) minds where they basically observe, monitor, and make decisions about the game. Mental stimulation is one of the benefits of video games that can happen positively. All gamers will have to have a good coordination among the audio, visual, and also physical movement. Most studies show that gamers have good eyes and hands coordination compared to those who don’t play games at all. It’s nice to know that playing games has its own positive virtue, after all.

Improved Focus, Memory, and Concentration

One of the benefits of video games is improved concentration and memory. When you are playing games, you need to stay focus so you know what the mission is, what resources are running out, where the enemies are coming from, and such things alike. Gamers often have better concentration and focus – a skill that is honed and trained during the games. They also have to remember a lot of things most of the times. If you think that you have memory or focus issue, try playing games and see your own improvement after a while.

Slow Down Aging

Playing games is fun and it supports mental stimulation too. Seniors who like playing games can keep their brains in shape. In video games, you are often required to perform tasks. Such a thing helps the brain to stay sharp and focus. Video games are also helpful to make you stay focus. And let’s not forget about the fun factor of playing games either. You are in a relaxed state and you really enjoy the atmosphere. The combination of focused mind and happy state will help you slow down the aging process. And you like it when you are always joyful, relaxed, and happy, don’t you?

Depression Treatment

Not only playing games can make you happy, but it can also help in treating depression. There are New Zealand studies that show that video games are quite beneficial to treat mental ailments or disorders – depression included. When compared to regular counseling, the game therapy is proven to be more effective and more likable. One of the benefits of video games is the naturally fun nature. It relaxes you and yet makes you stay engaged at the same time. Some games can even help you deal with negative emotions and thoughts – providing you a channel to vent out as well as learning at the same time. This is also the reason why people like to play games after a hard long day or when they stress out. So, if you are stressed out, it doesn’t hurt to start playing games.

Fitness Focus

Today’s video games are pretty sophisticated. Some of them have motion-activated features where gamers are expected to do physical activities to take part in the game. In Wii Fit or Wii Sports, for instance, such a feature is super fun. Let’s say that you are playing a tennis game. Then, you will have to swing your arms to imitate the movements of hitting the balls. The racket on the screen is controlled by your real movement. Or, if you are playing a horse race game, then you will have to imitate the position of riding a horse and also the movement of controlling the (digital) horse. Quite cool, huh?

Or if you are familiar with Dance-Dance Music, where you will have to step on different area of the (gaming) mat following the instructions (and the music) on the screen. If you choose this kind of game, you can rest assured that you will stay fit. Choose the games that require you to do tons of physical activities like running, walking, jumping, or such thing alike. These kinds of games are also great for kids so they can still stay active even though they are playing games. At least, it’s better than letting your kids watching Netflix or Hulu only.

Educational Values

There are some games that are especially designed for learning purpose. The idea is to encourage the players to learn without making the process boring. If you have kids, there are several good educational games that you can introduce to them. But even for adults, there are still several learning benefits from the games. For instance, a friend of mine looked up about medieval history since he started playing Assassin’s Creed. For myself, I have started looking up information about Greek mythologies and legends since I started playing poker. From the games, there are pieces of information that may pique your interest, leading you to knowing more and learning more.

Words of Advice

Playing games can be advantageous in terms of better focus and memory, educational values, and better physical fitness. But then again, you need to set up rules and boundaries about playing games, especially for kids. If you can manage the time and the rules, playing games can be fruitful and it won’t turn into addictions. Keep an open mind about the benefits of video games and come up with plans, rules, and restrictions.