Manrod Kills

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Amywrdn Promoted Collection Retro Shooting Unity

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Manrod Kills by Amywrdn is an arcade shooter about one of the few remaining Cyber Police who need to stop the onslaught from The Organisation.

The year is 22XX. The decimation of the 2nd Cyber World War has left few humans alive. Those that remain fight and struggle for what remains of our homeworld.

You are Captain Blast Manrod. One of the few remaining Cyber Police and the only one who can stop the onslaught from The Organisation.


  • WSAD or Arrows Keys to move!
  • Left-CTRL or Mouse 1 to Shoot!
  • Spacebar to dash!

This game was made for #GBJam in one week!

Manrod Kills is an endless shooter game where the enemy will keep coming relentlessly to exterminate you. Manrod Kills has good control and gameplay. The sound effects and music will remind you of the good old retro days. Watch the transition when Manrod dies, that's a cool retro animation and music!

The only thing bothers me in this game is that you can't shoot diagonally, which makes the game extra because the enemy is able to shoot you from any direction.

Manrod Kills is tough, but fun. It also has so many potential to be a bigger game and I hope the developer would revisit this game to expand the gameplay!

My personal best is 18 with dash ability used and 5 without dashing. Post your scores below on the comment section and try to beat my record!

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Manrod Kills

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