Mahjong Duels

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The amazing Chinese game of skill and strategy Mahjong is now social in Mahjong Duels! Get in the arena and prepare to play with the most masterful opponents. Challenge and defeat your friends by finding first the matching symbols for bamboo, dragons, digits and other elements. Keep in mind that you can’t match the hidden tiles unless you clear the top of the towers.


  • An extraordinary Multiplayer version of Mahjong
  • Match all the mystical tiles as fast as you can and unlock new levels with fascinating features
  • Enjoy amazing graphics, power ups & boosts
  • Participate in tournaments and challenge the most masterful opponents

Instruction to Play Mahjong Duels:

  • Each Mahjong tileset is made up of 144 tiles.
  • There are 136 matching tiles, 4 Flowers, and 4 season tiles.
  • The actual tiles will vary depending on the tileset you have selected but each set maintains the same groups and relationships.
  • The Flower and Season tiles don’t match exactly, but there is always a visual relationship among the tiles in each group.
  • You can match any Flower tile with any other Flower tile and any Season tile with any other season tile.

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Mahjong Duels