Looking for a Betting Site? Here’s How to Choose One

Looking for a Betting Site? Here’s How to Choose One

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Getting the right betting site can be much more of a struggle than you had imagined. You have to deal with several variables as you have to trust the site with some personal info. Before you choose one betting site, you have to take it through an audition process.

You need to know what you are looking for should you want to make the right choice. You have various tips you can use to ensure you make the right choice. Below are some of the tips you can use when looking for a betting site – you’ll make the right choice.

What You Want to Bet

Before choosing the right betting site, you first need to answer this question “what do you want to bet?” The Non gamstop bookies will allow you to bet the straights, parlays, basic-totals, and so on. Most of them, though, you will get risker markets.

Some of the riskier markets you need to deal with include half-time lines, teasers, and quarter lines on various events. What you need to look at generally are the ones that have better betting sections. Don’t look at the ones that only offer you a limited selection of betting.


You need to look at the website downtime if you are going to use it. The best time to check it is during peak times. Most of the downtime is the weekends when there are various sporting events – you can check how fast the site will load.

This is also the time to check out the various links on the site for technical issues.


Today, for most people, you get to access online platforms through your mobile phone. Before you choose the site, you need to ensure it is mobile responsive. It won’t be possible to be at the computer at all times, so this is quite crucial.

If the site isn’t mobile responsive, it may not be a legit site. You also need to find out if they have an app and are compatible with your phone. Ideally, you want to enroll in a mobile responsive site on your mobile browsers rather than apps.

Welcome Bonus

Most betting sites will offer you welcome bonuses. Several things will determine if the site is the right one to use. One aspect crucial to your decision-making is when you are allowed to use the bonus and if you actually can use it.

Remember, the welcome bonus isn’t atrial-run; it needs to reflect on your account. For example, on some sites, you get a percentage of your deposit. Others, you get free spins, slots, etc.


Before settling on any site, you need to read the reviews online about the site. You will get precise info on how the site operates from people who have used the site before. This is where you will find out if the site is licensed and registered or not.

Find out as much as you can before you place any bet on any site.


You will be performing various transactions through the site. This means that you need to ensure that you can easily transact through the site. First, the site needs to have multiple modes of payment – crypto, various banking options, etc.

You need to figure out how you will be paid and how fast you will get your wins. Most sites usually have a minimum amount that you can withdraw. It would help if you found out before you can join the site or not.

Some sites have higher thresholds that are hard to meet than others. The sites you want to look at are the ones that have lower withdrawal amounts. It means you can get your money as soon as you get the win from your bets.

Customer Service

Excellent customer service can distinguish between a great betting site and one you need to keep off from. Some of the sites will close your accounts if the bots detect some irregular activities. This is when you need to reach out to customer service to sort you out.

You need to ensure that the site has available customer service throughout before choosing it. This can also be great when you encounter technical issues on the site. Also, the customer service needs to be human – for various crucial problems.

When you are looking for a betting site, you will encounter various sites online. Before choosing, you need to have the right tips to ensure you have chosen the right one. These are things that you need to look at before settling on a betting site.