Lonk's Awakening by Virtually Competent was originally created during "Flappy Jam" in early 2014.

Prince Zeldo's been kidnapped...again. Looks like a job for Lonk, the legendary Heroine of Thyme! Grab your sword and...oh, you forgot it at home? Uh, that's fine. Probably.


  • Flap your way through the evil Lord Ganondoof's castle! Save the prince!
  • Collect ruples because why not? Feed your greed!
  • Steal items from an old man! Wait, how do these things even work?
  • Does this castle have no end? (Spoilers: it does)

  • Left-click or Up arrow key to flap/jump/whatever
  • Right-click or Shift key to use an item (if you've got an item that can be used!)
  • Scroll wheel or Left/Right arrow keys to cycle between usable items!
  • Double-click or Spacebar on the "Game Over" screen to retry quickly! No time for rest!

DISCLAIMER: While Lonk's Awakening is heavily inspired by The Legend of Zelda series, no assets in the game were directly ripped from any official title produced by Nintendo. This game was built from scratch with entirely original art and audio. Neither Virtually Competent nor Lonk's Awakening are affiliated with Nintendo.

Lonk's Awakening is straightforward. Everybody knows what it is, but you might have questions that I will try to answer.

Is that... ? Yes
Is it... ? No
How did it... ? I don't know!

So, my advice, just play and enjoy the game! :)

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