LoL Devs Preview the First Set of Eternals for Each Champion

LoL Devs Preview the First Set of Eternals for Each Champion

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League of Legends champions

League of Legends is one of the eSports games that have made a comeback with a champion-based achievement system. This time, the system, known as “Eternals” comes with a proposed set of tasks that each companion should complete.

The whole Eternals system was brought to the forefront in mid-August by Riot. It serves to give players a platform on which to showcase their prowess against specific champions. However, the release of the Eternals system was delayed to provide Riot with some extended time to work on it.

Besides, there have been ongoing discussions between the players and Riot on platforms like Twitter on how the system can be further improved.

Changes to the Game

Among the noticeable changes that the game is witnessing is the building of three Eternals, unique to each champion. With their new features, they can capture things directly related to the gameplay patterns. They can also ignore standard statistics like the number of kills.

Riot is open to suggestions by players on what can be done to improve the system. What features would you like to see incorporated for each champion? What is it you don’t like about the system? Here is your chance to share your thoughts and ideas.

Some of the proposed changes for the Eternals system for each champion were proposed in alphabetical order from A to Z. Each of the champions will from now be available to work within their abilities and play styles.

Some examples of the proposed changes for the first three sets are Aatrox, Ahri, and Akali. For Aatrox, the proposed changes include the number if sweet spot hits with Q, champions pulled with W, and champion kills during World Ender(R).

For Ahri, the changes have to do with the distance traveled with dashes, charms leading to champion kills within 5 seconds, and Q double hits targeting the same champion.

The changes for Akali touch on the champions killed with Perfect Execution (R), distance Shuriken Flip travels (E), and the number of passive bonus hits on the enemy.

While these changes are unique to the Eternals system, they are few among the many proposed changes that Riot is working on. Furthermore, the Eternals system is also subject to further change. Some of the adjustments will include lower prices that will make general Eternals available for Blue Essence. The Lower rates will also impact on how players bet on eSports in relation to League of Legends. If you want to place some LoL bets yourself, head over to, the best website to do so, recommended by

Other Updates

Apart from the changes happening in the Eternals system, there’s also a new player guide that introduces players to the core League of Legends gameplay. It walks users through the in-game tutorials that lead them to their first battles on the Fields of Justice.

Right from the competition against bots to the first head to head league, the new player guide has everything users need to grasp the skills to take on competitors.

Community Interaction

Through, users received access to various social features to help them find their teammates and communicate with other champions. They can also invite other real players to play against them. Through the community interaction feature, you can add friends, refer them, play with them, and report any negative play.


Generally, players are formed into two even teams comprising three or five members. Each team will start at the opposing sides of a map, or near what is called the Nexus. For a team to win, it must destroy the Nexus that belongs to the other group. This can only happen if the team works through a series of towers called turrets placed along three paths to each base.

The game has also been upgraded to incorporate a session of matchmaking. It occurs depending on the average ELO ratings of each team.

Users can play the game in four different modes, namely normal, custom, ranked, or Co-Op vs. AI.

  • The standard game has the server attempting to match up the players of equal skill level.
  • The co-op game requires a team to randomly pair up with other players to play against bots or a group of five players.
  • The custom game lets the players create their own session and set their own priorities.
  • The Ranked games are competitive and only open to players with levels higher than 30.