Lode Runner Online

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Lode Runner is a retro classic 2D puzzle platformer game that was originally released in the 1983 by Broderbund. Now, you can play and enjoy it on your favourite browser.


The premise is that you are a stick figure who is there to collect boxes of valuables (likely gold). You can collect them by passing through the box. However, the guards are there to keep the valuables for themselves and catch you when they have a chance. Use your speed to run, jump and climb the terrain. Avoid the guards by outrunning or outmaneuvering them, though, sometimes if you are trapped, you can dig a hole to trap them.

Once you collect all the gold, an escape ladder will appear. Climb it to escape and reach to the new level.

Features of Online Lode Runner

  • Challenge Mode (the original classic), Training mode (play any level), Demo (the game run by itself)
  • Color changer (purple, blue, red, orange and green)
  • 150 levels to play
  • High Scores leaderboard in Challenge Mode
  • Easy to use keyboard control


  • Z - Dig to the left
  • X - Dig to the right
  • Arrow keys to move
  • ESC - Pause
  • For more option, see in-game information

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The Lode Runner was selected as part of top 20 classic retro games that you have to try. If the game is no longer available, please contact us at support@playplayfun.com

Lode Runner Online