Lines: Squares that Disappear

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HTML5 Promoted Collection Puzzle Sebastian Haba

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Lines: Squares that Disappear by Sebastian Haba is a new fun puzzle game (based on the classical lines 98 game but with new twist).

Lines: Squares that Disappear is easy to play but to become a master is a challenge. Keep screen clean by arranging horizontal, vertical, diagonal color lines or specific shapes (like in tetris) of the same color by taping and moving squares across the board and get many points! Arrange more color lines and you will receive bonus. Try it out and you won’t be able to stop playing it!

How to Play:
Tap (push) color square and tap (push) empty square on board to move. Arrange four or more squares of the same color into one line to make them disappear and get points. Arrange shape (like tetris shape) from squares of the same color to make them disappear and get points. After every move, new squares are added to the board in a random way, making more complicated to move squares to new positions but at the same time, creating more alternatives to get good points.


  • Two gameplay modes: casual and challenges
  • Outstanding graphics and animations
  • Combos that will increase your score
  • Tutorial to help you understand rules of the game
  • Nice simple and minimalistic graphics

It's amazing that Lines: Squares that Disappear, with its minimalist style, manages to combine several gameplay element into one game.
  • It's like Chess where you have to strategize and think of all possible moves
  • It's like Gomoku where you have to make a row of at least 4 of the same color diagonally, horizontally and vertically
  • It's Match 3 games where you need to match the same color to create a row that will be removed
  • It's like Tapatan where you move around your square

With a wide variety of gameplay elements, Lines: Squares that Disappear is one solid puzzle/strategy game in one package.

  • Play Games enabled: check your high scores and track your overall progress!
  • Google Play game Services integration to store your best scores
  • Designed to support both Phones and Tablet
  • Achievements

Lines: Squares that Disappear