Line Ninja Game

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Arcade Promoted Collection Unity

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Developer's Description:
Line Ninja by ComboPear Games is an action-packed adventure to become a Linejitsu Master. Take on the role of a Ninja whose challenge is to master the art of Linejitsu. Linejitsu is an art of speed and courage. You must learn to overcome these challenges and master the terrible spikes.

PlayPlayFun's Impression of Line Ninja Game:
One thing that truly stands out the most from this game is the music. The catchy retro style music goes well with this game. I also like the fact that you only need your spacebar key to play this game. Beware, however, you need good reflex and responsive hand and eye coordination to score well in this game. Overall, from countless of endless runner game, Line Ninja game is one of those runner game that I can still enjoy playing.

App version features:

  • Earn Achievements
  • Challenge Others on the Leaderboard

Line Ninja Game