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Light Adventure by Opal Studio is a cool puzzle game about Elight world which is has been controlled by monsters of darkness.

Light adventure is a cool puzzle game, contain 3 maps, in every map there are 6 unique levels. The game is about Elight world which is has been controlled by monsters of darkness and you are the only hope to return the peace to the world. To do so you need to eliminate the king of darkness.


  • Arrow Keys for movement
  • Mouse to click buttons, drag and stop obstacles

Light Adventure features a beautiful art style with minimal color pallette. It reminds me of a game called Bad Donut that we reviewed not very long ago.

The game plays as an action puzzle platformer game where you have to find your way out. There are lanters all around that you can pick up. While you can escape the level without collecting any lantern, opening a new map requires you to collect all lanterns. Furthermore, there are obstacles that are extremely deadly. Luckily, there are ways that you need to find to stop these obstacles in order for you to proceed easily. Read the hint!

I am torn n half playing Light Adventure. On one side, I truly enjoy and admire the artwork and the gameplay. However, on the other hand, I am wishing that the game is more polished. Let me point out what I mean:
  • The walking and jumping animation should be improved. At times, the character looks like it is floating. Check out Volcano Dungeon and Davey Bones' Spooky Jaunt as good examples
  • The game still plays after you reach the exit

Overall, there are things that you can admire in Light Adventure. If you are looking for an action platformer challenge, this might be a good game for you. However, there are room for this game to improve to become more popular among casual players.

Light Adventure Demo

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