Life Clicker Move to Success

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Life Clicker: Move to Success - Live your dream life!

In this unique indie life simulation game, you can explore various careers in cafes and factories, unwind in luxurious or budget-friendly apartments, and have fun in different exciting places. Hone your skills with new jobs, advance to the top of your chosen profession, and reach new heights of success.


  • Climb the ranks in a factory, from a helper to a factory manager.
  • Make a name for yourself in the cafe industry, from a waiter to a cafe chain manager.
  • Recharge and refresh in a variety of relaxing locations, including parks, hostels, apartments, and even space.
  • Boost your joy with fun activities like going to the park, dancing at the disco, visiting attractions, or going on a vacation.
  • Expand your expertise with new specialties.
  • Increase your knowledge and skills with books from the store.
  • Enhance your character's abilities and reach the pinnacle of success.

Instruction to Life Clicker Move to Success Game:

Start the game and follow the instruction as introduced within the game.

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Life Clicker Move to Success