League of Legends World Championship 2022

League of Legends World Championship 2022

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The League of Legends World Championship is the conclusion of the annual LoL esports season. After a thrilling 2021 season which saw EDward Gaming emerge victorious, all eyes are on this Chinese team going into the 2022 season. For many pundits, EDward Gaming seem like sure contenders to take home the 2022 Summoner’s Cup. However, with more than 10 months’ worth of play-ins and qualifying stages to wade through, there’s no such thing as an assured victory.

What Lies Ahead?

Before we delve into predictions for the 2022 World Championship, it’s worth taking a moment to appreciate just how little time the LoL pros have to catch a break in-between seasons. The World 2021 final only wrapped in November 2021, leaving just a handful of weeks for EDward Gaming and other pro-level teams to reconvene and consider any changes to their line-up.

As with any year, there have been considerable changes behind the scenes. Just about every major team has experienced roster shake-ups and player trades. Furthermore, new talent has burst onto the scene, with many of the biggest teams welcoming rookie players to their line-ups.

World Championship Tournament Format

Fans shouldn’t expect too many changes in terms of tournament format. The 2022 World Championships will follow the tried and tested formula that audiences have enjoyed in previous years.

Things kick off with the play-in stages, with competing teams angling for a spot in the group stages. The 2022 play-in stages will be held at the Arena Esports Stadium, although don’t expect this to be a large-scale event. Audience capacity at this venue is limited to a hundred spectators. However, you can follow the action live online and check out the latest League of Legends scores here. After qualifying for group stages, teams will be forced to do battle in best-of-one matchups. Successful teams automatically qualify for a spot in the main event.

Even those that don’t secure a straight victory can still edge their way into the main event by coming out on top in the knockout stages. However, with only two spots up for grabs, competition is likely to be fierce. The main event will then get underway, with 16 of the best teams split into four groups. Victorious teams will then progress to the knockout stages. As with previous years, the playoffs consist of best-of-five matches. Despite fans and audiences alike calling for Riot Games to embrace a a double-elimination bracket for the World Championship, the 2022 tournament will once again implement a single-elimination bracket.

Who Will Win Worlds 2022?

2022 looks to be a very competitive LoL season. The field is so competitive in fact, that predicting an outright winner for the 2022 World Champion is nigh on impossible.

Many pundits are forecasting that EDward Gaming are strong favorites to reclaim the Summoner’s Cup in 2022. While this Chinese line-up does stand a good chance of securing another win, there have been some changes behind the scenes. At the start of this year, Wang ”Hope” Jie left the team for JD Gaming, forcing EDward Gaming to replace one of their best bottom lane players.

Gen.G is another team to watch out for in 2022. This esports organization has come under fire in recent years for spreading itself too thinly, but Gen.G’s League of Legends line-up is stronger than ever. Jeong ”Chovy” Ji-hoon is one of the best mid laners around, while the rest of the team roster doesn’t disappoint.