Land-Based Versus Online Bingo: What Are the Differences?

Land-Based Versus Online Bingo: What Are the Differences?

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When it comes to staying entertained, we’re lucky there are so many great options out there. The world is filled with fun games to play, from board game classics like Monopoly to gambling staples like slots.

Even more excitingly, some of these options straddle the line between real-world and virtual. Though most started out with a physical incarnation, over time technology and innovation have helped to create online alternatives for us to enjoy.

One example of this is bingo. While it may have begun as a game played solely in specially built halls and professional venues, today it can be enjoyed both online and off. But what differences are there between the two? And is playing online really as enjoyable as its land-based counterpart?

We’ve compared the two and come up with some answers.


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Bingo was first played in Italy in the 16th century, and since that time, it’s fair to say the game has changed dramatically. Now enjoyed by people of all ages, it’s as easy to play bingo online as it is to pop down to your local bingo hall. In fact, the former is now the more accessible of the two options.

That’s because online bingo can be played around the clock and from the comfort of your own home. No matter how demanding your working hours or how tricky it might be for you to take some time to yourself, all you have to do to play online is open up your laptop or download an app onto your phone.

This means that while most people will have a bingo venue or three in their local area, the online version is most definitely the more accessible of the two.


But surely internet bingo just isn’t the same, we hear you cry! Well of course it isn’t. But different doesn’t mean inferior. While there’s something to be said for popping down to your local bingo hall and having a chat with your friends, playing online can still be a social experience.

That’s because online casinos go to great lengths to replicate the aspects of the game that players most enjoy, including getting the chance to meet and speak to other people. In order to accommodate this, many providers offer a chat function that allows you to connect with others in the room.

In terms of overall excitement, this isn’t compromised in any way if you choose to play online. Equally exhilarating whether you play at a local venue or from the comfort of your own home, bingo is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout.


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In terms of the quality of your experience, both online and offline bingo offer a really enjoyable way to kill a few hours. However, one area where they’re quite different is in the variety they can offer you.

That’s because online bingo tends to offer a lot more choice. With various themed rooms to choose from, casinos also offer some twists on the original, including bingo slots, bingo scratchcards, and even a Deal or No Deal-inspired version of the game.

This variety is something offline providers are also cottoning onto, however, with certain venues offering drag queen bingo, for example. Disco and retro variants are also increasingly popular.

When it comes to comparing online and offline bingo, it’s fair to say that both are immensely enjoyable. While each has its own individual merits, both are guaranteed to deliver a really good time. Any preference one way or another is therefore entirely down to the individual.