Kitty Hates Water

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Arcade El Jay Play HTML5 Promoted Collection

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A portion of all ad revenue helps ASPCA fight animal abuse.
*If you see white screen, please wait a little longer for the game to load

Kitty Hates Water by El Jay Play is an endless arcade game to avoid flying dogs, catch floating sponge and shooting fireballs!

Kitty hates water but it's raining cats and dogs! Well, maybe it's just raining really hard and dogs are blowing in the wind... That's right, dogs are blowing in the wind! And the dreadful water is rising quickly! Thank goodness Kitty has an umbrella...

  • Hey, Kitty, stay out of the water and avoid the dogs!
  • Use Awesome Powers to score huge points!
  • Play as different cats **only in the app version
  • Complete engaging Challenges!
  • Win rad upgrades -- collect them all!

Flying dogs? Cat-throwing fireballs? Floating Sponges?

Yup, those are things that you will see in this game. Kitty Hates Water lets you take control of a cat with an umbrella. Closing and opening the umbrella will allow the cat to move up and down accordingly. With this simple control, players can avoid dogs and collects all other items to gain more points and powers. But beware, dogs are not the only element that will lead to your demise. There are lightnings which will strike those whom floats high for too long and rising sea level which makes your gameplay area smaller.

While it might looks simplistic, Kitty Hater Water hides many challenges and achievement-oriented upgrades. What are the upgrades? I can only give you a hint of the upgrade. The first upgrade that we receive is called 2 UMBRELLAS. What does it do? You have to play to find out about it and find more upgrades!

Overall, Kitty Hates Water is a notch or two above copious number of endless arcade games. The cute graphic and settings helps to feel comfortable with the game immediately. The fact that a portion of this game's revenue helps ASPCA fight animal abuse gives a lot of reason for you to download and play the game!

  • Google Play with leaderboards and achievements
  • Play as different cats -- FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!
  • Enhanced play feel (screen shakes, etc.)

Kitty Hates Water

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