Kill The Plumber 2

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Flash Promoted Collection Puzzle

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Developer's Description:
Kill The Plumber 2 is developed by the creator of Pretentious Game. Next, comes a new platformer with a twist! It's payback time as you play as the enemies instead of the hero in this unique platformer puzzle game!

PlayPlayFun's Impression of Kill the Plumber 2 Game:
From the first time I played this game at Casual Connect Asia 2015, I couldn't put down this game. That feisty plumber is really tough to kill! This is one of the best arcade puzzle games that I have played. It boasts graphics with vibrant color and intuitive control and game mechanics.

If you want more of Kill The Plumber 2, they are raising funds at Kickstarter for the following extra features:

  • 100 levels to start off with*
  • Grassland, dungeon, castle, beach and underwater levels*
  • Over 30 different playable characters*
  • Recorded Speedruns
  • Controller Support
  • Multiple ways of beating levels, even exploiting!
*these are just the initial goals, if stretch goals are met, there will be more.

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Kill The Plumber 2