Kidz Math

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Kidz Math by SK Games is a 2D math game , for simple mathematical calculations in a fun way.

DEVELOPER'S DESCRIPTION (based on full app version):
Game shows a kid in school , who is answering maths questions on board, with strict teacher standing on his head , all the questions are to be solved by player that would keep the kid from teacher's punishment.

Kidz Math is a math game that reminds me on math tests that I had back in my primary school. Players are to do quick calculation to solve mathematical equations that are divided into 3 difficulty levels; kids, intermediate, kidz mathematician (expert). Therefore, the game can appeal to younger kids as well as adult to train their brain.

So far so good? Yes!

However, as you can see from the animations and character's interaction, the game may not be suitable for some countries and here's why. The game depicts a situation of a student who is nervously trying to answer an equation while a teacher is walking back and forth holding a ruler. If you can't answer the question, the screen turns black and players can hear a scream, with the assumption of the teacher hitting the kids with the ruler.

This may seem normal and natural in some countries (yes, this was normal when and where I was growing up. We even get hit with a ruler for something less serious!), however in some countries, this can be classified as child abuse. So, please do play at your own discretion.

Overall, the game has good intention, but the animation may turn off some players. Moreover, there are seem to be a few issues that the developer may need to address. Please email us for more technical comments.

Kidz Math

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