Kick or Die Karate Ninja

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Kick or Die Karate Ninja by BoomFire Games is an arcade karate martial arts game where a Shaolin kung fu hero who is attacked by hundreds of enemies.

In Kick or Die, we face increasing challenges. Become an expert warrior martial arts champion, he remains in the center of the battle mientra are attacked by hundreds of enemies. Be the hero in karate fights, thanks to the kick flying or special power Dragon Fury.

Use the flying karate kick when enemies are the closest to you, because if you are not you can leave the defense exposed and eliminated by the ninja warriors.

Features: (based on the full app version)

  • Amazing effects
  • Real Physics
  • Different ? Karate fights battles
  • ? retro design, Pixel Art
  • ? end Fights
  • Arcade Fight ?
  • Anger Dragon ?
  • An excellent audio ?
  • ? The final boss, the demon guardian Ronin
  • ? An excellent user experience

There are no rules or judges, a challenge, fight or die! Do not let the whole troop of ninjas and monsters come to you. You must prove who is the best fighter in this game arcade close combat body. Become the legendary champion of martial arts action every kick karate tournament legendary heroes and adventures. Ronin eliminates the legendary guardian.

Kick or Die Karate Ninja is a game that is somewhat similar to Iron Snout game. They are both a stationary beat em up game.

While Iron Snouts dazzles players with flashy moves and chaotic fight scene, Kick or Die Karate Ninja focuses more on the timing element of an arcade game. You have to time your kick so that it will not miss. One miss is all it takes for the enemy to slice you into pieces. Furthermore, you also have to strategize and wait to decide when the best time to unleash your special skill. The timing will take a little bit of time to get used to as the enemies move in variable speed.

The art style of the game features a eye-catching pixel art that reminisce to the 16-bit era.

Overall, Kick or Die Karate Ninja is fun to play. It's simplicity would open doors to many casual gamers out there.

Kick or Die Karate Ninja

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