Keys to Success

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Keys to Success by 2024 Studios is a puzzle platformer game that teaches you the wisdom on how to be successful through in-game puzzles.

Know and collect the keys to success!

“Keys to Success” is the exploration of the essential keys or principles of success and achievement through in-game puzzles. Originally developed for the Global Game Jam (2015), the game is slowly growing, and development is still in progress.

I am very much impressed with Keys to Success game. The developer has done an awesome job integrating wisdom words of being successful into part of the gameplay. Confused? Take this wisdom words:

You need to learn from your failures
Sure enough, in the game you will need fail yourself in order to help yourself to progress and solve the puzzle. Each puzzle requires certain wisdom words to solve it and this combination feels very natural.

The game is divided into chapters, though so far only chapter 1 is available. Each chapter has several levels with different key lessons. Level 1, for example, put the keys of success to revolve around "you" while level 2 focuses on "challenge". The difficulty and level progression is appropriate and feels just right.

Overall, Keys to success is a unique game that I thoroughly enjoy. it's fun to solve each puzzle while collecting the wisdom words as hints. I am excited to see how this game will be completed considering the game is still being developed.

Keys to Success