Jump Blast Demo

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Arcade Flash Promoted Collection Puzzle Yvan Taurines

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Jump Blast by Yvan Taurines is a game where you help your hero reach the heavens through challenging and tricky levels!

Go through 56 levels, avoid spikes, stalactites and fire, take care of bouncers, water, wind, gravity inverters and much more! Just tap on the screen to move him to the exit. Seems easy? Are you up for this?


  • Find 8 hidden levels, go through break out game modes, night levels, horizontal ones... Get stars and unlock the next worlds!
  • Spikes, water, bouncers, lava, wind, gravity changers, stalactites... Beware!

Please note that this demo version contains only the first world.

With cute graphics and background story, Jump Blast turns out to be a hit with PlayPlayFun. I truly enjoy the mechanic of the game where you guide your hero by tapping the screen at the opposite of where you want him to go. Confused? Don't worry, it feels intuitive when you play the game. If you played Bubble Ghost in the past, you should feel familiar with Jump Blast.

All is easy and peachy on the first few levels. Once the game introduce spikes and bouncers, the game soon becomes more challenging than you thought it was. You probably wish that the game stays spike-less slightly longer! Fortunately, I am glad that the game does not implement one-hit-die mechanic. Instead, they give you 3 lives. Once you hit a spike, you will be blinking and invincible for a short period Super Mario style. During this time, you might want to take the opportunity to frantically climb and climb without worrying about getting any damage!

Overall, Jump Blast is a fresh game that is easy to enjoy. One thing to note is that touch screen on mobile or tablet would give a much more accurate bounce than a mouse!

Jump Blast Demo

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