Journey to Planet Shillon

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Today's game is a Science Fiction. The story of the game happens in the future which has a great meaning to the Earth's survival. It is year 10155. Life on Earth has become very hard. The water reserves are getting smaller every day. The survival of the human race is in danger, since the lack of the most important life essence which is the water. People are living in panic. They even ask themselves if this is going to be the end of the world.

After days of negotiating a group of young and brave astronauts decide to go on a very dangerous mission. Their task is to Jouney to planet Shillon. This planet needs to be explored and investigated by the brave group. Not long after the arriving on the planet, the astronauts started investigating the planet's surface and discovered that Shillon is rich with the mineral Korg. This mineral contains a lot of oxygen which can be taken to the Earth and protect the planet from further danger. This mineral can also help with improving the quality of the water.

The group of young and brave astronauts completed their task quite well and managed to return to the Earth right on time. Life on Earth will continue. Soon there will be a lot of water thanks to the brave astronauts.

Journey to Planet Shillon