Jet Overload

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Arcade Promoted Collection Unity

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Jet Overload by Stanciu Rares-Codrin is an infinite first person jet flying game with high-level excitement.

Fly through Jet Overload like a space warrior in a fighter ship! Low-level flying, high-level excitement!

This awesome game will challenge you to fly your ship through as many sweet power-up circles as possible while navigating between obstacles that look like high-rising, sky-scraping, cloud punching towers. Credits can be redeemed for fantastic ship upgrades and featured content! Power-up circles will unlock 3X points for your next race! Choose one of the many scenes! From Paris to the Antarctic, the desert, and MORE! Race against yourself or invite all your friends to beat your high score! Fly like a PRO city to the snow! How far can you go in that sweet game?


  • Cool flying game
  • Many ships to unlock
  • Infinite racing, infinite fun!
  • Great graphics and in-game effects
  • Exciting high-speed low-level flying action
  • Brilliant power-ups and upgrades you will love
  • Professionally designed and fantastically created gaming

Fly often, fly now, fly Jet Overload!

Jet overload simulates a high speed first person jet riding experience. When you see this type of game, you can't avoid comparing it to the famous speeder bike in Star Wars movie or even the legendary Star Fox.

Expect to go Ka-Boom for the first few tries because when the developer said that it feature high-speed flying, they meant it! The first run, my ships immediately hits the sand tower. It takes a little bit of getting used to the control before you can really enjoy the game to travel far.

Pick up credits and change to night mode in an instant for an extra challenge. Spend your credits on upgrades and new ships.

  • A & D keys for left and right movement

Overall, Jet Overload has enough varieties and challenges to keep players playing. Download the app version for a better touch control experience. If this game is released under the Star Wars brand, it is a no brainer that it will reach tens of thousands downloads in a matter of days.

Jet Overload