Is Solitaire luck or skill ?

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Many gaming experts have argued that solitaire is a game of luck and doesn’t require skills. Depending on how you see it, solitaire can be classified as a game of chance and skill. Besides, even in a game of skill like poker, you still need some luck to win. These days, solitaire can be played online, and there are rules that players must obey. To learn more about solitaire, read this article.

How to find out if solitaire is a game of luck or not?

A game of luck means that a player only wins by chance and not by the strategies used. Furthermore, a game of chance is one in which the players have no control over whether they win or lose. A game of chance often produces a random win or loss.

A solitaire game doesn’t naturally fall into this category because the cards are reshuffled after each game. Therefore, you can not easily predict what the outcome of the game will be. You need to be calculative and apply a few strategies to win. For instance, games that depend on luck to win are roulette, slots, etc. Just spin the reels and hope the ball stops on the number you have chosen.

How to play a game of skill like solitaire?

To win a game like solitaire, you need strategies and tactics to win. Therefore, games of skill like solitaire require concentration, focus and high alertness. Even if you play solitaire online, you must obey the rules and regulations to win. Every move requires a strategy so that you only take the necessary cards. Aside from needing the right skills to win, you also need the right cards, or you might lose.


The part of solitaire that requires luck is when you have the right set of cards on your deck. Aside from that, solitaire is a game of skill. Besides, a bad player with good cards on their deck may also lose to a player with a good set of cards. To play this card game, visit to play for free.