Iron Snout

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Action Arcade HTML5 Promoted Collection

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Iron Snout by SnoutUp is a simple endless beat 'em up game without horizontal movement. How many wolves can one piglet beat?

Get your hooves ready, kung-fu piglet - it's time to kick some wolf snout! Fight off your enemies to prove that you’re not another slice of bacon in the pan! Plenty of action moves are available to help you in this glorious clash of piglet versus wolf. Tap and swipe the screen of your device to punch, uppercut, kick, jump, split-kick, flip, duck, slam, catch, grab and throw. In a battle like this, anything goes.

Stand like the brave pig you are, snout-to-snout against evil creatures like axe-wielding wolves, deadly-pogo-jumpers, wolves trying to crash a firework into your pink tail or annoying mini-wolves. Use your enemies’ weapons against them to turn the tide of battle.

Beat as many enemies as you can, but make sure to fight more wolves than your friends. Be the super-awesome-ninja-kung-fu piglet they look up to.

This time there's no bacon in the pan, but here's what's cooking:

Features: (some features may only be available on the full version on the app stores)

  • Endless fast-paced action-packed hoof-based combat
  • Fighting combos you've only seen in the movies
  • Super easy and hyper-responsive touch controls (no buttons!)
  • Piglet as the main character (always a huge bonus!)
  • Charming cartoony graphics
  • Use enemy weapon as your weapon
  • Use enemy as your weapon
  • Use enemy parts as your weapon
  • Use your hooves as the deadliest weapon of all

So, do you have what it takes? Get your snout out of that swill and jump into the fight!

This impression is based on Iron Snout beta build.

Not so long ago, I was excited for a game called Pigsodus by Psylocibe Games. Now, Iron Snout is yet another game that puts a pig in the spotlight... and there's nothing to complain about it!

Iron Snout is certainly brings an endless fighting game into another level. I like it the fact that you don't need to worry about moving left and right. You can just focus on beating the daylights of the incoming wolves. In a way, you can call this game a Pig Defense game.

What's amazing in this game is the smooth animation and the number of fighting moves that this little piglet can pull off. You will definitely enjoy the action of this piglet. Its move is so good that I think he can beat M. Bison in a digital fight. Furthermore, he has one killer split that even Jean Claude Van Damme would be proud of. Take a look at the screenshot for proof!

Overall, I highly enjoy Iron Snout and it is definitely worth a try!

Iron Snout