iO – A Physics Platformer

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iO by Gamious is a physics platformer about size, speed and momentum unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!

iO is a physics platformer in which the player controls a ball. By growing or shrinking the ball players can influence its speed and weight. Using these mechanics players have to gain momentum and make their way through the levels, toying with the laws of physics, solving the puzzles and reaching the exit as quickly as possible. Win a gold medal in all levels!

At the Global Game Jam 2012, four programmers who never met before formed Team Extra. The team built a prototype with 5 playable levels which they named 'Size Matters'. Gamious’ Founder Pim was one of the judges who saw the game become location winner. After the GGJ, Gamious contacted the team. Together they turned the prototype into a fully polished version with over 150 levels. The game was released on OUYA in April 2014 and is hitting Steam in November 2014.

The name iO was decited in a #NameTheGame contest right before the OUYA release. Over 300 people submitted a name and iO was chosen because of its short, abstract and unique character. All submitted names can be found in the credits of the game. One of the submitted names was used for iO's first DLC: The IMPOSSIBALL levels.

iO is simple, minimalist and yet elegant. It is fun to play and graphically detailed; from the little animation when it's braking to the color indicator of how fast the ball is spinning. The web demo that is provided is basically tutorial levels. Level 1-9 will allow you to learn about the game mechanics while the last level of the demo will require you to combine what you know to pass the level. The progression of the tutorial levels are excellent and well-thought.

Overall, based on the web demo, I am impressed and enjoyed playing iO. iO is not only a physics platformer, but also a unique puzzler that requires your quick reflex.

Full Version features:

  • 225 challenging levels to solve, including the extra challenging Impossiball Levels.
  • Crafty mechanics like inversed gravity, portals, tricycles and movable objects.
  • Leaderboards per level to race against your friends and other iO players.
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold medals to earn.
  • Dual Stick controller support.

iO – A Physics Platformer