Infinity Loop: Blueprints

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Estoty Entertainment Lab HTML5 Promoted Collection Puzzle

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Infinity Loop: Blueprints by Estoty Entertainment LLC is extremely simple, easy to learn puzzle game. Dive into relaxing world of immersive challenges!

Infinity Loops Blueprint is relaxing puzzle game in which you rotate pieces to render them into ∞ loop. Discover infinite mysterious combinations and achieve perfect harmony. Craft your own zen garden mixing infinite loop symbols and blueprint style simplicity and fashion.

The gameplay consists from both manually crafted and auto-generated levels, providing hundreds of unique challenges. How many can you complete?

Enjoy crafting infinite loops, and do not forget to share it with your friends!

Infinity Loop Blueprints is a minimalist puzzle game where you have to connect everything you see on the screen into an infinite loop.

This is the type of game that either you hate it or love it. However, for me, the game is a love and hate relationship. I love it because the game is clever and easy to play with. The fact that it doesn't have a timer it makes the game very much enjoyable and relaxing.

Nevertheless, there is a point where I hate the game when I am stuck in a level and can't figure out how to solve it despite spinning everything back and forth. This is the time where I wish the game has a hint button for once. But I am sure some people will disagree about having this feature.

Overall, Infinity Loop BluePrints is like marriage. There are ups and downs, but despite it all, growing old together is what you have always wanted it in the beginning.

Infinity Loop: Blueprints

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