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Halloween HTML5 Promoted Puzzle

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Infinitrap by ShadeBobGames is a fast paced puzzle game for hardcore players. The game will start off with 20 levels and will be available on Windows, OSX and Linux.

Every level starts with the player character standing on the start tile. The start tile is perfectly safe-- No, trust me. It's safe. Once you leave the start tile, you have a limited time to reach the treasure before the level crushes you. To complicate things, each level will include a number of obstacles to waste your time and possibly kill you. You can make your own levels (only in the full version)!

I can't remember when the last time that I have this much fun playing a puzzle game. Based on the demo, which includes the first 5 levels, Infinitrap features a great pixel art graphics with smooth control and animations.

In Infinitrap, you take the role of an adventurer who makes falling down a habit. He stumbles upon Culsu's lair to obtain the Cup of Eternity. But wait, it's not that easy, before you can reach the Cup of Eternity, you will face various of obstacles which some will be introduced in the first 5 levels of the demo version. Jump, duck, avoid, and run are the skills that you need to use to get away from the various traps and stay alive to see the next day.

Speaking of staying alive, this is the first game that I don't really mind dying. Part of the fun of this game is to see the death scene of the adventurer from various traps. BUT BEWARE, there are lots of gore in the animation!

Overall, Infinitrap's demo leaves me a feeling of wanting to play more levels. Five levels are just not enough... and this is a sign of an A+ game!

Full version features:

  • 20 challenging levels
  • A full-featured level editor
  • Custom levels support
  • NO paid DLC ever