Improve Your Gaming Experience with These Awesome CSGO Knives

Improve Your Gaming Experience with These Awesome CSGO Knives

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Originally, CSGO was a counter-strike game that was later developed into a pc game by the company Valve company. The game underwent upgrades that gave it variations, which made it more upgraded.

Over the years, CSCO has been developing upgrades and adding weaponry to the game to make it more enjoyable. This is how the CSGO knives came to be. The knives have gained popularity over the years and have become more expensive and rarer as the days go by.

As a CSGO gamer, you must acquire one of the CSGO knives and feel the experience. You will never forget it, as gaming with these knives is pretty enjoyable.

With years of popularity, CSGO has seen the emergence of some of the most expensive and rarest skins, among them the CSGO knives we will look at in this article. Let’s dive into it.

1. Stiletto Knife, Crimson Web

The knife was introduced in the industry in 2018 alongside the New Horizon update to make the game’s appearance more appealing.

As the name suggests, the Stiletto knife features a web design over a red undercoat. The knife has a slim blade perfect for stealth attacks. It is a very cool knife and one of the most expensive.

2. M9 Bayonet, Crimson Web

The blade was introduced in 2013 alongside the Arms Deal update. This is the same update that brought eSports to light in the world of CSGO, getting new prizes for competitive gameplay.

Like the Stiletto Knife, the M9 Bayonet | Crimson Web features a spider web design on a red base coat next to a layer of a semi-gloss colour that covers the whole knife with a light shine.

The knife is expensive at about $1500 with minimal wear, but some other used copies could go for as low as $420. This means that you can still acquire it either way.

3. Karambit Case Hardened

With a price tag of over $1.4 million, this CSGO knife is undoubtedly the most expensive knife that has ever been made. This blade has the classic Karambit design, which doesn’t make it expensive.

Its rarity is what makes it expensive. Once the owner of the Karambit Case Hardened knife was offered $1.3 million but turned it down, claiming that the offer was too low. This shows you just how rare the blade is.

4. Karambit, Doppler Sapphire

Besides its cool design, the interesting fact about this knife is that when it came out simultaneously, CSGO also got the Chroma Cases, which included various weaponry skins and six knife finishes among the Doppler finish.

The Doppler’s blade has a cool look that features metallic paint with wavy lines, a purple hue, and that cool iconic curved blade. Like all the Karambit blades, the Doppler Sapphire has a great grip.

5. Karambit, Crimson Web

This article has already come across two CSGO knives that feature the Crimson Web design. This knife is yet another with the same design, but the blade is curved in this case.

The knife has deep grooves in the handle that give one a tight grip and a sharp edge. The curved blade is the most exciting feature by far. And as mentioned earlier, these Karambit knives are extremely rare.

The advantage is that the price of this blade can drop immensely depending on the knife’s condition. The knife debuted alongside the Arms Deal update and the M9 Bayonet knife, increasing the number of players after its release in 2013.

6. M9 Bayonet, Gamma Doppler

When the Gamma Exposure update dropped in 2016, the M9 Bayonet Doppler version was introduced to the game. The knife features a marbleized design that has a smoky look.

The knife is very popular among gamers. Although it is popular, it is not often found during gameplay because it is expensive. The fun fact about this knife is that it brought along some upgrades to the sound quality of the CSGO system, which was designed to reduce ear fatigue for the players.


A dozen or so CSGO knife would give you an exemplary performance in gaming, but we just mentioned the rarest of them all. The CSGO knives are the most loved weapons in the game industry.

I know you love them too, don’t you? So, what are you waiting for? Grab a CSGO knife and join in your fellow gamers’ fun.