Idle Startup Tycoon

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You decide to quit your job to create your own start up business empire and become a billionaire. Grow your business in Idle Startup Tycoon. Furthermore, launch multiple businesses such as food delivery app, ridesharing app, IT, artificial intelligence and even space tourism industry. Attract investors to invest in your start ups, and cash out with tons of profit. Did we say high tech billionaire? No, we mean trillionaire, because this game is for real.

Now go, build and grow your own startup empire!


  • Many industries to start and grow
  • Department managers to help you automate the process
  • Earn in-game coins while you sleep
  • The game continues to run and earn you coins while you are away

Instruction to Play Idle Startup Tycoon:

  • Code a start up idea in a cool co-working space.
  • Then, upgrade your cash collection efficiency at multiple strategic stations.
  • Too tired to click? Hire sophisticated smartly dressed managers to automate your tasks so that you can earn while you are away.
  • Finally, attract investors to invest in your start ups, and cash out with tons of profit.

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Idle Startup Tycoon