Idle Farm Harvest Empire

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Winter has come but it doesn’t mean that work on your farm will stop. Get ready for a season full of challenges and prepare to get busy!

Run your own successful farm and build an empire! Start placing your farm buildings and tending to the crops. The more you grow and harvest, the more money you get! Marvel at your breathtaking fields moving gently in the wind and pat yourself on the back waiting for a plentiful harvest.

With that come many more opportunities. After a while you’ll have enough money to hire farm managers to do most of the work for you. Use their help to expand your farming empire, plant new crops and produce even more food.

When that comes you will be looking at a bigger picture, upgrading your managers and making sure your farm empire works like a well oiled machine.

Instruction to Idle Farm Harvest Empire Game:

Use the money to upgrade your fields and make harvesting even more effective at producing food. Keep an eye on your production - with careful planning you’ll achieve everything! Expand your farm further and further until you truly own an empire.

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Idle Farm Harvest Empire