Idle Arena – The Late Developer’s Note – August 27th 2020

Idle Arena – The Late Developer’s Note – August 27th 2020

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Greetings great people of Idle Arena,

As some of you may have noticed, the last update didn’t have a patch note. I didn’t forget to write one, I swear on the flickering light bulb that needed changing about 4 months ago in our office. My intention was to get the patch out, let players try the new patch without any expectation of what was changed, then give their thoughts/feedbacks/complaints. So far, I got a bunch of yelling. Thanks guys!

Anyway, here’s what we did in the last patch. Gift code can be found in the 1st section of the Developer’s Note.

1. Heroes

1.1 Edolios

Edolios was the Alliance Boss that nobody wanted to try. He’s now the latest addition to the Metal March roster. Edolios fills in the roll of a healer that Metal March has been missing.

1.2 Kaminos

Kaminos was the Alliance Boss that everybody wanted to try. He’s now the latest addition to the Awaken Ember roster. Kaminos looks cool, have burning hair, throw his spear around to eliminate enemies.

1.3 Captain Meowtastic

The cat heals for way too much, so we scaled down his healing on Fishy Recovery.
We also scaled down the value of his bubble shield, so it breaks a bit faster.

1.4 Cesare

The heal value on Blessing Dispersal was also a bit too high, so we scaled that down a bit as well. Cesare still heals relatively well, just not as much as before.

1.5 Sharkovski

Sea’s Blessing shield value was toned down a bit since the previous value was a bit too high.

1.6 Peg-Leg

Peg-leg was that annoying hero that nobody uses in their battle formation (except for fighting boss). She heals for a bit too much, so we toned that healing down a bit, giving people a chance to clear her in campaigns/towers

1.7 Law

Law of Unity’s time shield blocks a relatively high amount of damage for a long time. We kept the blocking duration the same, but after it ends, a higher portion of damage is dealt to players’ heroes.

1.8 Krysus

We noticed that Krysus didn’t fulfill his role as a frontliner, but more so of a sacrificial lamb. Players were pushing him forward to die to apply the Flame Of Eternal Blessings buff. It hurts my feelings’ a bit, so I’ve scaled down the % of stats that comes with this buff when Krysus dies. Still good, but not as game changing as before.

1.9 Lucifer

Lucifer’s Infernal Reincarnation makes him almost invincible, since he heals for way too much when he is seemingly defeated. We scaled this healing down a bit, so there’s actually a chance to eliminate him for good.

2. Damage calculation/Energy generation changes

We’ve made some additional changes to the damage calculation process. What we’re trying to accomplish is to lengthen the fights while maintaining a good balance between damage dealers and front line heroes. With the way damage was calculated before, front line tanky heroes can be wiped out in a blink of an eye. Players can also deal tons of damage to heroes that are 100 levels above them, regardless of the enemies’ defensive stats. This may make campaign and tower progression a bit harder, but this also makes PVP experiences more fluid and fair.

Energy generation calculation was also reverted back to how it always has been.

3. Alliance Bosses

3.1 Kong Yolu

Kong Yolu is now the latest addition to the roster of bosses. Fighting Kong Yolu will grant players Spinster Tickets, which can be used in the Vegras Casino.

3.2 Alliance Bosses unlock limit

There are now 4 bosses, but it seems most likely that there will only be 2 that Alliance Masters actually choose to open. We would like players to try to fight all different bosses instead of just 2, so we have increased the lock down duration between each opening of any single boss from 2 days to 5 (2daysto5)

4. Hero Dismissal

Players can now dismiss unused Legendary and Legendary+ heroes for Spinster Tickets

5. Bugs fix

Almost all reported bugs have been fixed. If you found more, please feel free to let us know.

Well, that’s all for the late Developer’s Note. We hope you have a fantastic week. Stay safe, drink water and be nice to people. I’ll see you in a week with a new Patch Note.