Idle Arena – Developer’s Note 18th December 2020

Idle Arena – Developer’s Note 18th December 2020

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Greetings great people of Idle Arena,

After a long while of not writing a patch note, it feels kind of strange to do this again. Nonetheless, here’s the few things that we managed to put together for this week’s long awaited update.

1. Alternate Universe Cesare

A new skin for Cesare was released. However, this skin won’t be available to anyone. Currently, there are 2 ways to obtain this skin:

  • Have a total day login count of 80 or greater. If you meet this criteria, you can claim Alternate Universe Cesare for free from the Event merchant shop.
  • Rank 1 on the final match of “Idle Arena Super Star Contest”

2. Idle Arena Super Star Contest

This will be this update’s event. It’s a popularity contest between 8 different heroes. The rules are as follow:

  • Every match between 2 heroes, players can choose to encourage a hero of their liking.
  • When the vote duration runs out, whichever hero has the higher popularity point will win and move on to the next round. Hero with the lower popularity point will be eliminated.
  • Players will gain rewards each match based on their encouragement point and their rankings. Encouragement milestone rewards can be claimed immediately, while ranking rewards will be delivered once the match ends
  • By encouraging heroes using the Super Star Tablets, players will not only gain encouragement point but also grant their Alliance a bonus %. Each Super Star Tablet will grant 1% bonus for player’s Alliance, to a maximum of 10% per player (300% for the whole Alliance maximum).

Needless to say, being a part of an active Alliance is very important for this event

3. World Map expansion

The World Map expansion has been expanded with 5 new different regions. Campaign chapter 31 to 33 have also been added to the game. The difficulty of these maps were elevated quite considerably, so please take that into consideration

4. Unleashd Network Rewards

We have added a few weekly rewards for Unleashd Network Subscribers. For those of you who don’t know what Unleashd is, or how the rewards work, here’s a short break down:

  • Unleashd is a cross publisher subscription service for mobile games. All subscribers will get unique benefits in every game on the service.
  • By subscribing to Unleashd, subscribers will get different rewards every week.
  • Once a new week of rewards come, subscribers will not be able to obtain rewards from the previous week

5. New servers

2 new servers have been added to the game as soon as the update is live (pray to the Overlords at Apple that this will happen soon)

6. Short explanation for the past and the future of Idle Arena

For the past few weeks, we have been quite slow and quiet in terms of our updates. For this, we sincerely apologize to our users. The reason for our action was because we were starting a new project. As some of you who’s been with us for a while, you would know that our team is very tiny (5 people total). That means when we decided to start a new project, we’d have to really slow down on the old project to lay the base for the new one.

Now that the foundation of the new project is set, we can finally go back to invest fully our time and effort into Idle Arena. That being said, we’ll now continue our normal routine of update every 2 weeks, just like before.

Thank you all for your support thus far. We sincerely could not have gotten here without all of you. We are truly grateful.

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