Hyper Box

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Arcade HTML5 Promoted Collection Puzzle

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Hyper Box by Pixelated Cupcake is a hard to beat platformer with a short timer of 30 seconds to beat each level, use your rotation wisely.

Hyper box is a frustrating platformer meant to challenge you (none of my testers have beaten all the levels and some have went passed 500+ tries).

There is currently 20 levels in the game but i plan to release alot more, including level packs with themes such as lasers and missiles to keep it fresh (May even contain rainbows!... I like rainbows).


  • ESC: pause
  • Space Bar: Suicide/Reset
  • Arrow Keys: Movement

Update: Closing in on the top 100s, LETS GET THIS GAME RELEASED GUYS!

This past few weeks seems shaping up to be the month for challenging puzzle platformer games! After Darkland and Keys to Success, Hyper Box arrives at our computer to provide another challenging platformer game. Fortunately, despite their similarity, each of the game provides their own unique flavor.

In Hyper Box, it is obvious that the main draw for the game is the way players need to take advantage of the double jump and box rotation to reach those high ledge.

Players must master the jumps and rotation in order to complete each level. Furthermore, the 30 seconds time limit is definitely going to give players a sense of urgency... and panic!

Overall, much like Darkland, this game is designed to challenge you. It has unique features that you will feel that it is not your standard minimalist platformer game... and yes, this game is HARD!

Hyper Box