HTML5 vs Flash for Mobile Games

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New Tech and the Rise of No Deposit Mobile Games

Online gaming possibilities have exploded in recent years, with multiplayer co-op and competitive gaming surging thanks to the rising popularity of consoles, PC gaming, and esports. But nowhere has technology increased accessibility like mobile gaming. The rise in smartphones and adaptability of software developers and casinos means that there’s never been a more convenient time to play online with your mobile. But the progress in tech also means that an old friend, in the form of Flash, may soon be a thing of the past.

Mobile Gaming

The rise of the internet soon created the rapid increase in various forms of online gaming (from the so-called ‘PC Master Race’ of serious videogames through to rather more relaxed options, and online casinos). This received a second upsurge when mobiles, particularly smartphones, arrived on the scene and made it so that players could carry around their games in their pocket wherever they go.

This has been something of a purple patch with a wide variety of increasingly in-depth games available on mobiles. Surprising benefits of playing games online include improved surgery skills due to hand to eye coordination improving, bettering the reading comprehension for dyslexics, and (with moderate rather than excessive playing time) enhanced vision. Not to mention there’s a great array of games to play, some of which are free.


Flash technology has been around for a long time, certainly in internet terms. As a means to watch video and play games it’s been used by a huge number of people. But its days may soon be numbered.

Adobe has indicated it will be withdrawing the tech’s plug-in in the not too distant future. This once ubiquitous piece of programming may soon be obsolete, superseded by rivals such as HTML5 (more on that below).

There have been several concerns about Flash for quite some time, with critics including Steve Jobs. Security is one area people worry about, with reliability and performance also questionable. Jobs was, of course, famous as leader of Apple, and with iOS being one of the two dominant mobile operating systems (Android being the other) the lack of Flash support on Apple devices is a major drawback for mobile games.

Indeed, the onset of mobile technology may be what has sounded the death knell for Flash, as it never managed to quite adapt to the times. In 2014 the tech was on 80% of desktops, but in just a few years that figure fell to under 20%.

All that said, the widespread nature of Flash within recent years means it’s still used for a lot of things, and many games have been designed to operate with it. But it does seem to be on its way out.


One of the advantages that HTML5 has over Flash is that it doesn’t require the download and installation of a dedicated plug-in. Instead, the technology makes multimedia content available through a web browser, simplifying the process for consumers.

This and the fact it’s newer technology means that more games (and other things) are being designed with HTML5 in mind. Even more conveniently, HMTL5 games tend to be compatible with all browsers. If you are looking for an online slot games or automaty do gier online, there are a lot of options out there.

Casinos and Mobiles

One of the best ways of using mobiles to experience HTML5 games and bet online is through no deposit special offers. You can a great list of dedicated no deposit mobile offers at this site – – with the chance to get free spins or cash to use on various slots, table games and more. This is a great way to test out new casinos on your smartphone with the chance to actually win cash at no risk.

Mobile platforms aren’t offered by every online casino but they are pretty commonplace, with dedicated apps often available (sometimes only for iOS and Android, sometimes for other OS as well). The online betting industry is competitive and casinos are quick to evolve and take advantage of technological progress, so mobile platforms are set to become even more widespread.

Not every game can be played on mobile, but the vast majority can and the popularity of mobile gaming means that developers usually create new games with the mobile market in mind. On top of that, casinos provide bonuses to mobile gamers to help foster loyalty (after all, there’s no shortage of casinos from which to choose).

Casino games that can be played on your mobile are plentiful, with the most popular options including blackjack, slots, and video poker.

Naturally, casinos have a particular desire for security (and the corresponding reputation for security to avoid player anxiety). With Flash being a shade old hat and greater ease of use for HTML5, coupled with security needs, casinos are going to opt for the technology of the present and future which means more HTML5 and less Flash.