HQ graphics, VR, cloud: what innovations are in store for gaming in the future?

HQ graphics, VR, cloud: what innovations are in store for gaming in the future?

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The gaming industry has been undergoing constant change for decades. Manufacturers are therefore required to keep up with the latest technologies so that games with ever more special features and refinements can be launched on the market. The competition today is greater than ever before – and it’s only going to get bigger.

Gamers can therefore look forward to what the future will bring. After all, there are some technologies that are still in their infancy and could bring about major changes in the foreseeable future.

Mobile games instead of high-end games?

What’s particularly intriguing is that it’s not initially about programming intricate applications. The focus is shifting towards mobile play. This implies that system requirements are no longer a concern – it’s all about enjoying entertainment on a mobile device.

Individuals on the go seek to pass the time with an app or two. This is also why many manufacturers have begun releasing mobile versions of certain titles.

Is this a clear rejection of so-called high-end experiences? Not necessarily. However, mobile play is a trend that has gained significant momentum in recent years and is likely to persist for years to come.

The graphics are increasingly reminiscent of a Hollywood film

However, the future will not only change the mobile gaming sector, but also the classic game on a console or PC. This is because, with the new PlayStation and the new Xbox, not only are there powerful consoles, but the technology in game development is also changing. The graphics are getting better and better – if you look at the latest PC games, you think that as a player you are in the action and no longer the actor in front of the screen.

In addition, game developers are constantly trying to create interesting stories that captivate players. This means that the combination of an exciting story and outstanding graphics ensures that long-established players will be thrilled, but ultimately new target groups are also reached. Even film fans will get their money’s worth when gaming, as there is hardly any difference between a Hollywood blockbuster and the game.

VR: Is the technology on the verge of its final breakthrough?

The future of VR technology is shaping up to be quite intriguing. While virtual reality may not have taken off with full force in recent years, it seems like it’s gradually finding its place in the heart of society. A key factor in this shift is the accessibility of VR devices. High-quality VR glasses no longer break the bank, making VR technology more affordable and likely to gain popularity.

What’s even more exciting is how game manufacturers are catching on to this trend. They’re developing an increasing number of games that operate on VR technology. Additionally, the realm of online casinos is embracing this tech evolution.

Though there are still relatively few VR online casinos out there, it’s worth noting that you should check in advance whether you’re dealing with an online casino that follows specific rules or holds a licence. Here’s where it gets interesting – you can explore the cutting-edge experiences at https://wanted-win-online.com/ to get a taste of VR gaming.

While the VR casino landscape is currently limited, forecasts indicate a swift rise in the number of VR online casinos. So, buckle up for a thrilling ride into the future of gaming, where virtual reality takes centre stage!

Cloud gaming: Is the next revolution in the gaming market coming?

Another area that is certainly becoming increasingly important is cloud gaming. This means that for a monthly fee, players have access to various games that are available in the cloud. All you need is a stable internet connection.

The advantage of cloud gaming is that you don’t have to buy expensive games, but have access to a wide selection. This could also change games consoles in the long term. Cloud gaming would finally make disc drives a thing of the past.


The days when players of the same game on different platforms remain among themselves in multiplayer seem to be slowly but surely numbered. Crossplay is on the rise and after Microsoft and Nintendo have already exchanged cross-platform declarations of love, Sony has finally jumped on the crossplay bandwagon.

Even if cross-play is still not convincing to every gamer today, as some console gamers, for example, see an unfair disadvantage in playing a shooter with PC gamers by using a mouse and keyboard, the advantages are obvious.

More systems also mean more players. Older titles, in which there is a yawning void on the servers of one system, can experience their second spring through cross-platform play.

What’s more, not all friends are forced to buy the same platform in order to play together. A relaxed round of Rocket League on the Xbox One with a mate who is chasing the ball in bed with Nintendo Switch? Building your own worlds in Minecraft together with your mate on your smartphone? No problem thanks to crossplay.

While console manufacturers resisted cross-platform play just a few years ago, they have now recognised the benefits. The role of cross-play is becoming increasingly important and this feature will also play a major role in the next generation of consoles. Developers such as Avalanche Studios from Sweden see cross-play as one of the most important features of the next console generation.

Social media sharing

Share, like, post, share: Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are indispensable these days. Whether it’s a picture of your cat, a quick message about being at the airport or a styled photo of your lunch: we share almost everything these days.

Of course, this also applies to games and, thanks to the share button and social media sharing functions, it hasn’t been as easy to share pictures or videos from your favourite game with the world as it is today. On PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in particular, all it takes is the press of a button to take a picture and send it out into the world.

The days of blurred mobile phone photos in which the screen was photographed or blurred videos are finally a thing of the past. Sharing a brilliant round of Rainbow Six Siege or a wonderful scene from Red Dead Redemption 2 with the world is now just a click away.

Game streaming

Your PC is already a few years old, but you still want to enjoy the latest gaming highlights without having to invest in a new system? Then you might be interested in the topic of game or cloud streaming, which gained new momentum at the end of last year.

Nvidia GeForce Now, Shadow PC and Google Project Stream: Many see game streaming as the future of the games industry. Here too, various concepts are fighting for the market, but the basic idea is largely the same.

Provided there is an active internet connection, game streaming makes it possible to experience modern games with a stylish look even on old PCs and even smartphones or tablets. More RAM or a new graphics card? You no longer have to worry about that.

For a monthly fee, you can virtually rent your own high-end computer and enjoy the latest blockbusters over the internet. Even if the technology is still in its infancy and of course doesn’t quite reach the quality of your own computer, it is already impressive to see how well game streaming already works.