How You Can Become an Exceptional Game Illustrator

How You Can Become an Exceptional Game Illustrator

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Video games have been a great form of entertainment for many from different age ranges. It is a great pastime activity for many and also helps improve one’s cognitive functions. Significant improvements have been witnessed in video games over recent years. We have moved from simple 2D images to 3D representations, where characters appear real before one’s eyes.

The job of a video game illustrator has developed into different roles. This has seen the emergence of several individuals and agencies offering a 3D creation service. You need to comprehend the various functions better before selecting the area of your proficiency and becoming a video game artist. The following are ways to become an exceptional game illustrator.


First, you should have a passion for drawing and also video games to become one of the best artists. It should come first before anything else. This is what will drive you to understand the different things that you will be taught or learn. We have seen many dropping out from different programs because they lack the passion for carrying on with whatever they are pursuing. If you enjoy using the different types of photo editing software and drawing, then you can become an exceptional game illustrator.


Practicing will also help you become a good game artist because you get to sharpen your skills further. You can practice by drawing on a regular basis. Get yourself a sketchbook, which you will be using during your free time. Those still in grade school can also enroll in an art school because they will get more drawing time and also develop their skills.

Learn Everything About the Software

You should learn how to use the different drawing and photo editing software. 2D artists can try the different advanced software like Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to sharpen their skills. You can also get several 3D programs that will help sharpen your skills as a 3D artist. One can enroll in different colleges or universities offering such programs.

Identify Yourself

You can do this by understanding the areas within 3D illustration where you are especially talented. This field can be very general because you will find a marketing artist, character animator and character artist all within the field of 3D illustration. Understanding where your strength lies quickly will provide you with time to perfect your area of specialization.

Going to School

School helps improve your understanding of the different areas of 3D illustration, which is vital for one to become a good video game artist. A lot of developers want to hire people who have the skills and experience that will help one work in a challenging environment. There are different colleges and universities you can sign up for where you can obtain the much-needed skills and experience.


Applying for an internship in an animation studio can also help sharpen your skills further. You get to learn different things that will help you become an outstanding game illustrator. There are various platforms where you can look for an internship. These will help you understand the whole process of coming up with the best illustrations for video games.