How to Write the Title of a Play in an Essay

How to Write the Title of a Play in an Essay

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“Romeo and Juliet”, “Hamlet”, “Betrayal” and “The Cherry Orchard”. Do these titles sound familiar to you? Ever read any of these books? Do you know that there are films and plays about them? These are works of great authors that are still interesting to read to this day. They act as good examples of how you should write a play title. This article will help to give you tips on how you can come up with interesting titles for any play essay you write. Take time and read through to know how to attract and captivate the audience.

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Focus on keywords

Any good title must include the keywords of an essay. This is because the keywords help to capture the attention of your teacher or the target audience. Including keywords in the essay title is important because they provide more information to the reader about what the play is about. They enable the reader to get to know the ‘Where’ and ‘When’ of what you are writing about. If you combine these keywords well with topic keywords, you will come up with a captivating title. This will ensure that your essay has a professional image.

Focusing on keywords helps in defining the field, subfield, topic and other vital issues that your play covers. This will be beneficial when someone tries to search for your work on the internet. Most databases and search engines like Google and journal websites use keywords to search for your paper. This makes it easy for the reader to find your essay.

Use your Thesis

When reading, the title of the article, book or essay you are reading informs you about what and why you are reading. This means that you will have to write your thesis statement before you come up with the heading or title of your play. By now, you know that a thesis statement is a sentence that you use to state the main idea of an essay. And, it helps you to have control over the main points of your paper.

A thesis is vital when you are coming up with the title of an essay. A good and interesting topic will play a significant role in making the audience have a reason to read your essay. And the ideal place which can motivate and persuade them to read your paper is from the thesis statement. Hence, you need to use your thesis well to develop an impressive topic for your essay.

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Analyze examples

This is another important tip that should guide you on how to write a good title for your essay. Many students fail to use this tip and end up with poor titles for their writing. Thus, you need to try and come up with examples and analyze them. You can consider this example, ‘A Street Car Named Desire’ which is a play by Tennessee Williams. The title of these book hooks the attention of the reader from the onset. He or she will have the interest to know more about what the play is all about. The title makes the reader have questions as to what the author is writing about in the book.

After reading the novel’s title, the reader is in a state of suspense. This pushes them to figure out what the rest of the story is all about hence forcing them to continue reading. The title of the book also makes it easy for anyone searching for it on the internet or a database to identify it as a play novel by Tennessee Williams. The reader will now that it is a novel that talks about personal losses that have become one of the most successful plays of the 20th century.

Use popular phrases and clichés

Popular phrases and clichés can help you to come up with an interesting title for your play essay. It is one of the easiest ways to write titles for your essays. Catchphrases that apply to the topic of the paper you are writing end up making interesting titles. This happens when the phrase you choose to use is hilarious and creates a captivating pun.

Apart from phrases, you can use clichés to come up with a good title for your essay. You can choose to twist them a little to re-work and customize them to your paper. Clichés are easy to come across. However, you need to be careful not to use any that you come across for the mere fact that it is popular. The phrase you use must be relevant to the topic you are writing about. Choose a cliché and adapt it well to your essay, and you will end up with a good title for your paper.

Practice writing titles

One of the most popular phrases in the world today is practice makes perfect. Teachers, coaches, and parents use this phrase to encourage students and kids to improve in different areas. Athletes take time to practice to become better in their sport. Actors practice their roles and go through their lines over and over again to become better in the roles there are acting in. This is something that you should put into consideration and practice if you want to become good on how to title an essay. The more you do it, the better you become.

After writing your thesis statement, you can pick a title for your essay. Take time and think of ways you can improve it. Write all the improvements you make on paper and you will realize that with each attempt, you are improving. Each new title you come up with will be better than the last one. If you are unable to develop impressive and fascinating titles, you can get help from Essay Zoo. Contact them and let them help you with your essay.

In conclusion, the title of any essay plays an important role. It determines whether a reader will have an interest in reading your writing. Coming up with an interesting title is not easy but if you follow the tips in this article and put them into good use, then you will be on your way to coming up with good titles. Challenge yourself and practice writing titles and you will see yourself improving over time.

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