How to Survive Your First Day in Rust

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The land of Rust is harsh, and it is the strong minds that will overcome the challenges. So, if you’re starting this game for the first time or haven’t made it past the first day, this article will help you now. We understand that the threats are numerous, from the angry players to the bears and wolves.

But don’t worry, we have some pro tips to help you make it past those critical hours after landing into Rust. But first, make sure you invest in a server hosting for Rust and rust hacks and cheats to simplify many things in the game. Then, employ the strategies we have below to play better. So, if you’re willing and fired up, find out more blow.

First-day survival tips from pro players

1. Make the weapons

The first weapon you have in Rust is the rock. Even though you can use it to kill, find wood from trees, and break stones, you still need stronger weapons: the ax and the hatchet. A stone hatchet or ax is stronger and can protect you against animals, players, and zombies. So, your plans for the first day in Rust should also involve crafting the hatchet.

To craft these things, you need enough rocks and woods. The woods will form the handle, which the stones will form the sharp part. But to craft the hatchet, you must gather 100 stones and 200 woods. For the pickaxe, you also need 100 stones and 200 woods. Woods will usually come from the trees you cut down or the branches and logs scattered all over the place. As for stones, you need to find them all over the map or hit them with your rock.

2. Take care of hunger

After preparing the tools and weapons, find food because starvation kills in Rust. According to professionals, your first day won’t be for farming because those few hours are critical for your survival. So, start searching for a river nearby to find corn and pumpkins. Also, as you get to the river, drink water to avoid dehydration. If you don’t know, eating corn will offer 5 hydration and 40 hunger. Pumpkin itself givers 30 hydration satisfaction and 100 hunger satisfaction. When you have taken the corn or pumpkin, you might want to add a little protein to it. But be careful not to eat raw meat. So, your next action is to find 100 pieces of wood to set up the campfire where you’ll cook the meat.

3. Don’t allow players to see you

Many players you see in Rust are enemies. So always run away and don’t let them see you. Or else, they’ll kill and loot your precious items. One of the terrible experiences you will have is to find yourself being pursued by professional players. If such a thing happens, the best way is to run through buildings and trees to lose them. Another terrible experience is to meet the bandits. In such a case, give them everything they want and even serve them a bit until they abandon you. As for the peaceful players who’re keeping to themselves, you can also respect their privacy and if they offer to help you or need your help, give it to them.

4. Get smarter with shelter

Rust is a whole new world of diverse experience. But while moving up and down in the game, you still need a place to rest afterward. That’s why you must build your comfortable shelter in the game. To do that, gather the woods and metals you’ll need. The total wood you need for the hut is 80; 30 will go to making the door, while 50 will make the hut. Don’t forget that your stone hatchet as it’ll serve you in making the wood. Then, find a special and safe spot to build the hut. Building near players is great, but locating the mountains will be safer.

5. Loot smartly

We all know that crates on the map supply the most amazing items any player can hope to get. You can even find armor and amazing weapons when the content is great. Apart from crates, supply drops are another way to gather items. Rust offers 5 types of crates; basic, food, toolbox, gun crate, and elite loot crate. Each of these crates contains what you might need at any particular time. While some crates are easy to find, others are harder and more competitive. For instance, the Elite Loot and Gun Crates usually carry the heavy weapons you need. But you can only find them in Monuments with more aggressive players who’re searching for them too. So, loot carefully and smartly on Rust.


Surviving the first day on Rust is critical to your ability to stay and play until the time elapses. Unfortunately, many beginners don’t make it pasts those few hours because they started wrongly. Now that we have shared this guide to help you employ the strategies and enjoy your game.