How to Play Minecraft with an Autoclicker?

How to Play Minecraft with an Autoclicker?

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If you are a big fan of Minecraft then I am pretty sure that there are times when you might have also thought of using an auto-clicker for various activities.

But the problem is that there are very less applications or tools available in the market that actually work. Don’t worry, we have got your back this time.

Minecraft is a blocky sandbox game and you can do anything in this virtual world without any restrictions. Diving deep into its gameplay, then there are so many tasks like farming, fishing, mining, battling and the majority of them depend on repetitive mouse clicks. And the best part is that all these tasks can be easily automated with an autoclicker.

In this article, we will see the full process of using this auto-clicking tool on your PC, specifically for the Minecraft game.

A Brief Overview of Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular sandbox survival games. It was released in 2011 year and now it has a massive user base of 166 million users which is increasing very gradually. In this game, everything is up to you and how you are going to play in this impossible ending world. You can build your 3d structures, mine, farm, catch fish, and collect resources according to your needs. Additionally, it is also known as a single and multiplayer game where you can fight battles with your opponent’s teammates.

5 different modes of Minecraft game:-

Creative Mode: If you love building your imaginary world in games then this creative mode is for you. In this mode, you can build any structure like a building, castle, farm, and much more by just using the available resources. Apart from that, you can also roam around or fly to any place you want in the game.

Survival Mode: This mode is all about surviving in the game for a longer time, if you fail to do so, then you have to start from zero with a new game. To survive in this mode, you get one full health bar that you have to use throughout the game to protect yourself from zombies and other enemies. Despite just fighting with them, you also have to gather essential resources that are mainly required for building shelters and fighting.

Hardcore Mode: As the name suggests, this is one of the hardest modes of this game. In this mode, you can only pick up very few items with you whereas in other modes you don’t have any restrictions in carrying multiple items which are very crucial for fighting and other activities. One important thing about this mode is that it is only available in Minecraft Java edition.

Adventure Mode – If you love to explore maps of different games then you are definitely gonna love this mode. It’s all about exploration of the game where you can see different places, buildings, or structures built by other gamers. In this mode, you can solve puzzles, questions, and clear missions to level up in the game.

Spectator Mode – In this mode, you don’t have to play or clear any mission. This is basically for learning or watching the gameplay of other gamers. You are just a spectator but this mode gives you the ability to explore any map present in the game without any restrictions. If you know someone who has just started out then you can recommend this mode to them.

From the above modes, you can see that there are so many activities or tasks that need to be performed repeatedly, so instead of doing all this manually most gamers prefer using auto mouse-clicking programs. You can automate these programs to stimulate actions like jumping, crawling, firing, and fighting according to your preferences. However, auto clickers are totally safe to use but overusing them can lead to a ban. So, use it smartly.

Guide to Play Minecraft with an Autoclicker

As we said in the starting, there are very few tools that actually work with Minecraft and to get rid of this problem GT Auto Clicker is going to help us. It is one of the most powerful and free auto-clicking tools which can be easily used in different editions like Minecraft Bedrock, Java, and Bedwars for all types of tasks and activities. It has almost all types of advanced features which can be adjusted according to your needs. So, now download or get the application file from its official website.

Step 1: After downloading the GT Auto Clicker, open the app file and complete the installation process by following the on-screen instructions.

Step 2: Once the application is installed on your PC, launch it.

Step 3: Now you can see different options, so select one of them that you want to automate like the Left or Right mouse button. You can also select the click type as single, double, or triple.

Step 4: Next you have to select the time interval which is also known as the specific time between each click you will be getting. If you want faster clicks then set the interval in milliseconds and it should be as small as possible (5 milliseconds). To learn more about these small options you can read this setup guide, which briefly describes each function.

Step 5: Select hotkey settings, so that you quickly turn on/off the clicker.

Step 6: Now minimize the auto clicker panel and launch the Minecraft game. After that, specify the mouse button according to the tool or action that you want to be automated. Select the XY location of the screen and then start the clicker by toggling on the hotkey.

Although, we have never faced any banning issues but some users have reported that if you are auto-clicking and your speed goes up to 18 CPS then it might be detected by Minecraft game so it’s better to use a lower speed such as 12 CPS. I know you might be feeling it’s extremely low but it’s better to do it slow instead of getting banned.


And that is how you can set up this auto clicker for Minecraft and play it on your laptop or PC. Whether you are a beginner or a hardcore gamer this automation tool is built for everyone, you will never feel that you cannot use this tool for activities like building, farming, fishing, mining, and fighting with your enemies. But always make sure that you don’t overuse it because it may result in a temporary or permanent account ban.


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