How to Play Any Retro Games on Your Computer Using Emulators

How to Play Any Retro Games on Your Computer Using Emulators

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Today we will investigate and reveal how you can play any retro game on any computer. It is a simple guide for a simple action and it works in 100% cases. You will need to download two things (both are completely free) and you will need any computer running literally any operating system. Let’s begin.

1. Download emulator or emulators

The first thing you will have to do is to download an emulator. There are special sites such as Gamulator which offer almost countless emulators you can use at any given moment. This step is basic and straightforward. All you have to do is to download the emulator and you are done.

There are a few things we must add and explain in detail. The first one is that all emulators are in portable versions. This means that they cannot nor have to be installed. You will get a folder that can be opened and the main icon launched at any given moment. This is how you launch the emulator.

The second thing to remember is that each console has special emulators. For example, NES console will need NES emulators, SNES games will run on SNES emulators. You get an idea. Also, download an emulator that is developed for your operating system, the one your computer has. There is all you need to know about emulators. There are emulators that will run different games for different consoles as well. If you want to play various games that are designed for different consoles, you will need an emulator of this kind. RetroArch is the best option.

2. Download ROMs

A ROM is basically a game or a virtual copy of one. It is mandatory to have obviously and it is free to play. In many cases, you can download ROMs from the same site where you download emulators. The size varies and the file format varies as well. Keep in consideration that you need ROMs for your emulator.

You can also make ROMs but this isn’t something we recommend. The process is complicated and it will require plenty of time. You also need a game cartridge and you will need a cable to connect the cartridge with the computer. It is a time-consuming process that is better to leave for professionals. After all, it is much easier to download ROMs instead to make them.

3. Launch the game

The game can be launched in a simple way. Open the emulator and go to the menu file. Click the open or run option and you will be presented with the browse screen. Find the file or ROM you want to open and confirm the selection. Now you can play a game using a keyboard.

When you are done with playing, close the emulator and open another ROM. It is so simple and comes without any limitations. The game will run as long as needed.

More advanced options

Almost all emulators come with more advanced options mandatory if you want to change the controls, use cheats and etc. All we can add at this point is to be free to play with them and optimize your game accordingly.

The final word

Now you are a professional retro gamer who knows all about playing a game or two and can play literally any retro game on any computer. This is a fun type of gaming and comes without any limitations or anything similar. You can play any game you like and you can enjoy it as much as possible. Try out different emulators simply because each one is different.