How to Earn Money Playing DOTA 2

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If It is optional to have esports betting or professional-level skills to earn money playing Dota 2, this article will reveal all the methods you can use.

Dota 2 matches can be profitable even if you don’t play the game, so anyone can profit from the game. We will reveal some methods you can use to achieve this, so keep reading if you want to learn how.


First, we’ll show you a method that does not grant you money directly; instead, you’ll be able to collect various rewards, including gift cards from retailers and other establishments.

You can play any Dota 2 game mode, including custom ones, by installing this software and letting it run in the background. The more you perform during matches, the more rewards you’ll receive from The better you perform during games, the more rewards you’ll receive.

Freemium services only make money from advertisements and premium subscriptions, so you won’t have to worry about crypto mining or anything else you won’t want on your computer.


There are two ways in which you can make money from Dota 2: selling skins and cosmetics on Steam or through specialized websites that act as a middleman between you and potential customers.

The Steam community market is quicker and easier to use, but most gamers who wish to sell cosmetic items and skins don’t use it because funds cannot be withdrawn.

Dota 2 virtual goods can be sold and earned money through third-party websites, where players can post their items for sale and receive payments using the local money transfer methods they prefer.

You can still profit by buying low-priced cosmetics and reselling them later if you’d like.


In addition to playing Dota 2, you can also earn money by streaming the game, especially since video game live streaming has become a full-time profession for many people. The majority of the revenue streams for streamers come from viewers who donate to them, ad revenue, or merchandise sales (for the more popular streamers).

During the pro and premium tournaments, Dota 2 is always one of the most viewed games on Twitch TV, YouTube Gaming, Beam, Trovo, and other streaming platforms.

To stream Dota 2, you won’t necessarily have to be an expert, but you will need to entice your viewers. However, not everyone will have success streaming Dota 2, especially with so many streamers nowadays.

If you think you’re good enough, you can earn money playing Dota 2 with enough work.


In addition to earning money playing Dota 2, there’s a straightforward way to earn skins! By completing online tasks, you can earn rewards (such as Steam gift cards for Dota 2 skins) with Freecash, a rewards-based service.

If Freecash doesn’t have a catch here, you must register by visiting their website or downloading their app.

Once you’re there, you’ll find several offer walls in the “Earn” section. Here, you can choose from all sorts of online tasks, and once you’ve completed them, you’ll earn Freecash Coins.

Once you’ve collected enough Freecash Coins, select the “Cashout” option, where you’ll find the rewards discussed in the Freecash introduction. In addition, a Dota 2 skin can be purchased directly or indirectly with your Freecash Coins.

You can buy Dota 2 skins directly on the Steam marketplace by exchanging Freecash Coins for a Steam gift card.

On third-party skin trading websites, you can also buy Dota 2 skins elsewhere using PayPal, Visa, or cryptocurrencies.

Freecash Coins can be exchanged however you like, but remember that the more expensive a skin is, the more tasks you’ll need to complete on Freecash to obtain it.


A bannable offense, according to Valve, is this unethical method. In reality, some people are earning their living by flipping accounts, and they have been doing so for quite some time.

The best way to guarantee you’ll get your money is to sell the account through an intermediary rather than directly. We recommend that you sell your account on a website that specializes in selling accounts since there are no worries about security, high fees, etc.

Steam accounts have been sold on these websites and money has been received through different payment methods by thousands of satisfied customers.