How to bet on Sweet Bonanza Dice

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This unique simulator, created by the well-known company Pragmatic Play, was released in 2023. It features medium volatility, providing a balanced mix between the frequency and size of wins. With a player return percentage (RTP) at 96.5%, Sweet Bonanza Dice offers fairly high chances of success.

The game is played on a 6×5 grid, where payouts are made in clusters—a novel and interesting approach in the world of online slots.

The theme immerses gamblers in a world of sweets and fruits, where they encounter various bright symbols, such as the Scatter in the form of a cannon, stars, hearts, and various fruit symbols. Players can place bets ranging from 0.2 to 125 dollars, euros, or pounds sterling, making the slot accessible to both cautious bettors and those who prefer higher stakes.

In terms of technical features, the slot supports modern technologies, including JavaScript and HTML5, ensuring a smooth spinning experience and compatibility with all devices, whether mobile or desktop. With a maximum win of x21100.00, the game offers an exciting gaming experience that combines an engaging theme, innovative mechanics, and significant winning potential.

Step -by -step instructions for starting the game at Sweet Bonanza Dice

To start playing Sweet Bonanza Dice, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Registration at the casino: Begin by registering at the online casino that offers this slot game.
  2. Deposit funds: After creating your account, you’ll need to fund your gaming account using the available payment methods on the platform.
  3. Find the game: Locate the slot machine in the casino’s game selection and launch it.
  4. Choose your bet size: Use the “+” and “-” buttons to set your desired bet amount before starting the game.
  5. Start spinning: Initiate the game by manually spinning the reels using the “Spin” button.
  6. Use auto-spin feature: Activate the auto-spin feature for consecutive spins without having to press the spin button each time.
  7. Activate turbo mode: Turn on the turbo mode to accelerate the spinning of the reels.

In the Sweet Bonanza Dice simulator, wins are determined not by traditional paylines but by the type and quantity of matching symbols on the reels. Therefore, the prizes depend on groups of identical icons and their quantity, making each spin unique and adding an extra sense of excitement to the game.

Special functions in the slot

The Sweet Bonanza Dice simulator offers a wide range of special features that enrich the gameplay and increase the chances of profitability. One of the key features in Sweet Bonanza Dice is the ability to get free spins. This round is activated when 4 or more Scatters appear on the reels, giving the player ten free spins and the opportunity to earn additional spins. During this round, players may encounter special symbols represented as colorful candies. These symbols serve as multipliers, increasing the size of prizes ranging from 2x to 100x, significantly boosting potential earnings. For those who don’t want to wait for Scatter symbols to randomly appear, there is a bonus buy feature. By paying an amount equal to 100 times the bet, users can instantly activate free spins with multipliers.

The avalanche feature plays an important role in creating additional combinations. After a paying combination is formed, the symbols disappear, and new ones drop into their positions, increasing the chances of forming new clusters. The Ante bet system allows players to adjust their chances of success by changing the bet multiplier. When the x20 multiplier is activated, gamblers can purchase a bonus round, and when choosing the x25 multiplier, the probability of triggering free spins is increased, although the option to buy free spins is excluded.

Sweet Bonanza Dice continues to gain popularity among fans of gambling entertainment thanks to its innovative approach and a variety of bonus features, making each spin not only exciting but potentially profitable.

Images in Sweet Bonanza Dice and their cost

In the Sweet Bonanza Dice simulator, various images are presented, each of which has its unique value:

  • Heart: 12+ symbols will bring a 50x multiplier, 10-11 symbols bring 25x, 8-9 symbols bring 10x.
  • Moon: 12+ icons will yield a 25x multiplier, 10-11 icons yield 10x, 8-9 icons yield 2.5x.
  • Star: 12+ images will result in a 15x bet multiplier, 10-11 images result in 5x, 8-9 images result in 2x.
  • Diamond: 12+ pictures will yield a 12x multiplier, 10-11 pictures yield 2x, 8-9 pictures yield 1.5x.
  • Apple: 12+ icons will bring a 10x multiplier, 10-11 icons bring 1.5x, 8-9 icons bring 1x.
  • Banana: 12+ images will result in an 8x bet multiplier, 10-11 images result in 1.2x, 8-9 images result in 0.8x.
  • Pear: 12+ pictures will yield a 5x multiplier, 10-11 pictures yield 1x, 8-9 pictures yield 0.5x.
  • Grapes: 12+ icons will bring a 4x multiplier, 10-11 icons bring 0.9x, 8-9 icons bring 0.4x.
  • Raspberry: 12+ images will result in a 2x bet multiplier, 10-11 images result in 0.75x, 8-9 images result in 0.25x.

In addition to these symbols, the game features a special Scatter symbol (Colorful Cannon), which brings the following wins:

  • 6 Scatters: a win of 100 times the bet.
  • 5 Scatters: a win of 5 times the bet.
  • 4 Scatters: a win of 3 times the bet.

Scatter symbols are unique in that they provide winnings regardless of their position on the screen and can appear on any of the reels.

Play in test mode and its advantages

Spinning the reels in test mode in Sweet Bonanza Dice offers several significant advantages:

  • Risk-Free Familiarization: Users can learn the rules of the slot without any financial risk. This allows for a complete understanding of its mechanics, including bonus rounds and special symbols.
  • Strategy Testing: Test mode provides an opportunity to experiment with different betting tactics. Participants can explore how different bet sizes affect winnings, which is especially valuable for beginners.
  • Entertainment for Pleasure: The demo version offers the chance to enjoy the game without the pressure and stress associated with potential financial losses.
  • Understanding Volatility and Win Frequency: Users can gain a better understanding of how often wins occur and how the slot’s volatility impacts gameplay.
  • Familiarity with Bonus Features: The demo allows players to assess how bonus rounds and special features of the slot are activated and work.

Overall, spins in the test version are a valuable tool for any gambler, regardless of their experience and goals, as it provides a safe and informative means of learning and practicing.

How to increase the chances of success in Sweet Bonanza Dice

To increase the chances of winning in Sweet Bonanza Dice, players are advised to consider the following tips:

  1. Bankroll Management: It’s important to determine in advance how much can be spent on entertainment and strictly stick to those limits.
  2. Low to Medium Bets: Starting spins with small or medium bets allows users to extend their playtime and create more opportunities for significant wins.
  3. Avoiding Frequent Bet Changes: Constantly changing the bet size can disrupt the game’s rhythm and reduce the likelihood of a successful outcome.
  4. Analyze the Frequency of Bonuses: Paying close attention to how often bonus symbols and free spins appear can help in identifying moments to increase betting.
  5. Set Limits on Losses and Wins: Establishing maximum loss and desired win amounts can help in effectively controlling the session.

Applying these tips can contribute to increasing the chances of winning. However, it’s important to remember that slot outcomes are largely based on chance, and no strategy can guarantee constant success.