How Not to Fall Victim to Gambling Scams

How Not to Fall Victim to Gambling Scams

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The rapid popularisation of online gambling has inevitably led to the emergence of those who want to make money from casinos in an unfair way. Consequently, fraud on the internet has become rampant. Players should be vigilant when choosing an online casino. The first recommendation is to play non gamstop gambling sites. The second important thing to be aware of is to be aware of a fake casino and not to gamble at one.

Six important tips that will help you save your money and avoid falling into the trap of scammers.

Tip 1: Official casinos

Even though the casino is online, it should also be licensed. Importantly, an online casino must obtain a gambling permit from the local authorities. If you see that a British gambling site has a license issued somewhere in Barbados, you should immediately suspect the illegality of such an establishment.

Important nuances about online casino licenses:

  • The establishment is required to display the licence information in a prominent place (the home page).
  • Any visitor to the casino, even a non-registered user, should have access to the license information.
  • The place where the license was issued and its expiration date should also be indicated.

Tip 2. Conditions of registration

A very popular fraudulent scheme is offering to play slots after a paid registration. It’s important to think: can a casino ask for money for registration from players who initially visit the site in order to transfer their money to play here?

How does the cheating scheme work:

  • The player is asked to pay to register.
  • After the payment, it is indicated that the email will be sent data to activate the player’s status on the site.
  • As a result, the letter with the data never arrives and the player is denied access to the site.

Moreover, newcomers should be aware that serious online casinos with a reputation not only do not take money for registration, but on the contrary, they give players registration bonuses. These can be in the form of cashback on deposits or a certain number of free spins and even a starting amount to play!

Tip 3. Casino Copies

You may often see advertisements on banner ads or paid-for posts on forums, such as the following. A well-known online casino that actually exists is advertised. Specified that the game is to be held at the casino site, but to register participants uses a completely different address and the link leads there.

Hiding behind the name of a famous casino, the scammers gather an audience of newcomers-gamblers on another resource. There they instantly appropriate their money immediately after depositing their accounts.

Why does this scheme work? Because the scammers spell out the name of a real casino in their advertisements. Players can even read good reviews about it online and make sure it is an honest site. Therefore, the main advice is to be vigilant! Always check the official address of a well-known online casino.

Tip 4. Pay attention to bonuses

There are online casinos where users are given bonuses under certain “conditions”. The player is not allowed to withdraw his winnings until the bonus has been won back. But the site works in such a way that it is impossible to do so.

Here are a few ways to cheat:

  • Low wager. The terms of the bonus will spell out that it can be used without exceeding a certain bet. But it is physically impossible for the gambler to win back such a bonus, because the bet is fantastically low.
  • Time limit. A dishonest casino charges very large amounts of bonuses, but puts a time limit on them. Users will never be able to wager such amounts in a given time frame.
  • Limited slots. Often fraudulent sites offer wagering bonuses only on slots from the allowed list. But such machines always have a very low RTP, so wagering funds is also impossible.

In order not to fall for such schemes, it is very important to re-read in detail the conditions for crediting the bonus. And also do not ignore the paragraph of the user agreement, which can be read during registration. Already in this description you can often recognize dishonest casinos.

Tip 5. Technical glitches

If you are on the site and there are glitches at the time of play for technical reasons, this should immediately alert you. Often, after such bugs, the funds on the slot machine go to zero. The best solution is not to continue experimenting on such a platform.

Tip 6. Monitor the sites

Before you choose an online casino, you can already learn a lot about it on forums and social networks. Players often discuss the performance of the sites, there are also lists of “black casinos” on the internet. Here you can also read about different types of fraudulent schemes. Don’t ignore this advice and take the time to research the platform.

Better yet, be a regular visitor to a specialized gambling forum. There you can get first-hand information from other players. These are always valuable tips that will help you avoid risking your money. Chat and ask questions to experienced players – they will always give you practical tips.