How do new gambling rules discourage slot players?

How do new gambling rules discourage slot players?

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Both online and offline, slots are the most popular casino game. Many casino players have found their place of bliss as the reels spin to cheerful music and the excitement builds. Experts disagree on whether the new rules will prevent gambling addiction or discourage players.

No more high-stakes slots machines

Players were allowed to decide for themselves how high stakes they should place. Many players cannot regulate their games under the state gambling treaty.

Although authorities emphasize safety, it seems that what they really want to do is to drive out those players who even like to play free online penny slots.

So-called “high rollers” are those who play the machines more often and bet large sums. These players are influenced by long-held stereotypes that make it difficult to follow the rules. Any player willing to bet more than a few dollars is automatically considered an addict.

Time is more important than money

The amount of revenue per spin is limited. Parallel to this, the time it takes for a spin to complete has been increased. Each spin must be at least five seconds long before it can go any further. It is now difficult to switch between slots. It takes a minute to switch between two slots if one game is shut down and the other is open. In the meantime, gambling addiction prevention messages must be sent.

If the gambler has patience, it is difficult to have a fun game of slot machines. The regulations are directly applicable to the mind because many gamblers don’t play for long hours. Instead, they take a short lunch break or ride the subway to entertain themselves. It is difficult to keep up with the reels for more than five seconds, and then be bombarded by annoying music. There is one consolation, however: the sounds can be turned off.

Not only for slots, but also monthly limit

The monthly deposit limit applies not only to slot players, but to all gamblers. If a player can prove the amount of his income and that he will not be financially disadvantaged by higher deposits, exceptions may be made in the future. It is unclear whether casino operators would agree to this. After all, not only can the casino require proof of income, but it must also make sure that the player does not behave in a destructive way.


The state gambling treaty promises to end illegal gambling. Although it has been done, players still prefer to use casinos licensed in Canada. Offerings are also not as popular. It is unknown if any changes will occur and whether this will lead to legal gambling or migration to unregulated areas.