How can you develop logical and strategic thinking in online casinos?

How can you develop logical and strategic thinking in online casinos?

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The market of gambling can be quite complicated at first and cause confusion for one or the other player. In addition to dubious providers, fake reviews and slots with a below-average payout rate, the huge variety of different operators alone ensures that the market is not really easy to keep track of. For this very reason, it is important that you proceed logically and strategically, especially if you want to play with real money so that you can move around gambling sites with a good feeling.

Today, we would like to suggest some tips and tricks that you should consider if you are currently looking for a new provider, favourite slot or simply want to pursue gambling without exposing yourself to unnecessarily high risk. You may even be able to learn from this article which approach is most likely to help you make a profit.

Keep in mind, however, that no matter how well thought out your strategy is, you will never be able to win all the time. And that brings us to the first tip: only gamble with as much money as you are ready to lose. After all, gambling is about fun and passing the time. Slots and casinos are not lucrative ways to get rich or even to cope with potential money worries.

Choosing the right online casino

Although this is less about the slot itself, it is important to know that there are some machines whose chances of winning vary from casino to casino. Therefore, try to choose the casino where you want to play your future games carefully. To evaluate a casino, you should always check review sites. You can find important information about the individual operators in the articles on these sites and thus make a well-founded decision about whether the casino you want to sign up with appeals to you. There are a few points that you should consider when evaluating a casino.

The trustworthiness

Before you register at a casino, you should always first assess the trustworthiness of the casino you are interested in. The best way to do this is to consult various advice sites or forums to learn from the experiences of other players. In addition, you can check whether the casino offers slots from well-known providers such as Microgaming, Playson, or NetEnt. If this is the case, it is an indication of the trustworthiness of the casino, as such large providers carefully check the online casinos to which they make their slots available.

The offer

The best and most trustworthy casino is of no use to you if it does not provide a wide selection of great games that you like. Therefore, always browse the online casino’s portfolio first and see if your favourite slots or other games are even offered before you set up a user account there. A wide range of well-known games is often a good indication of the trustworthiness of a casino.

Reward systems and bonuses

If you are already looking for a new casino where you would like to enjoy your future games, you can also try to get an advantage for yourself here. Before you evaluate the reward systems, it is worthwhile to make already a pre-selection of possible casinos. Then you can see which of the candidates will grant you the best bonuses when you make a new registration or which casinos have the most lucrative loyalty systems. So, you can surely pick the best online casino with a no-deposit bonus for you and extract a lucrative advantage that you will use to jump-start your next games.

On what basis do I choose a slot?

If you’re looking for a new slot to wager real money on, you shouldn’t just pick the first slot you come across. Here, too, there are a number of factors that you should take into account if you want to proceed strategically and logically when choosing a game.

The chance of winning

As you probably know already, every slot machine has its own chance of winning. So if you want to play a new slot with real money, you should always make sure that the slot’s chance of winning is at an appropriate level. The chance of winning that an individual slot provides can be derived from the two values “RTP” and volatility. If both of these values are at a good level, you can play the slot you are interested in with a clear conscience and have a good chance of even making a profit.


RTP is a value that stands for “Return to Player”. It is given as a percentage and signals, to put it simply, how much of the money wagered is returned to the players over time in the form of winnings. RTP is usually mentioned in the information about the game and is therefore quite easy to evaluate. Normally, the RTP values of most slots are in a range between 93 and 97%. The higher the RTP, the less likely you are to suffer a large loss. It is therefore advisable to choose slots that have an RTP of 94% or higher. This way you are on the safe side and do not have to deal with slots that have a lower-than-average RTP.


Volatility is another metric that is ideal for assessing the average chance of a slot winning. Unlike the RTP, however, the volatility is not given as a percentage but can be “low”, “medium”, “high” or “extreme”. As a rule, low volatility means that you can achieve regular but smaller wins, whereas, with high volatility slot machines, it can take longer for a particularly remarkable winning combination to appear on the reels, but it will be one that brings you a larger win.

Action-packed gameplay or classic game structure

If you are looking for a new slot, you should, of course, also consider your personal preferences in order to make a well-considered choice. For this purpose, ask yourself what you value in a good slot. It is worthwhile to think of previous experiences and slots that you have enjoyed in the past.

Basically, most slots can be categorized in terms of their complexity and the level of action they provide. So if you prefer a slot that provides elaborate animations and many extra features, you should specifically look for similar slot games. If, on the other hand, you prefer a classic game design where the focus is on the gameplay itself rather than on great animations, this is also an insight that you can take into account when choosing your next game.

What is a good strategy to help me play slots?

Now that you have made a well-considered choice, you can get started right away by coming up with a strategy to try to win as much as possible. Always try to keep in mind that you are playing a slot game purely for fun. Nevertheless, if you take a logical approach and think as strategically as possible, you can have a whole lot of fun and even a chance of lucrative winnings when you play your favourite slot. Here, the prerequisites and needs of a player are always different, which is why there is no ideal strategy that is equally worthwhile for every player. However, we will present you with some strategies that are suitable for having the most controlled gaming experience possible.

Strategy 1 — Play until the desired payout

This strategy is most likely to pay off if you play a game with a high RTP. Basically, this strategy is as simple as it is promising. If you want to follow this strategy, you should try to determine a desired winning level before the game starts. In other words, you need to decide when you want to quit the game in order to have as few losses as possible. So play many rounds with the smallest possible stakes.

If you have a maximum stake of ten dollars, for example, you should not exceed this. In this way, you can try to systematically achieve winnings in a controlled manner. If you achieve a winning combination, even with a small bet, try to multiply it with bonus features of the game. Here you have a great chance of maximising your winnings. So play until you either completely gamble away the single win or have a win that is so high that you can pay it out with a clear conscience. If you get the winnings, your gambling budget is multiplied, and you can venture into more games altogether.

In this way, you can manage your budget in a targeted way and face as little loss as possible. In addition, you can have comparatively long enjoyment without taking an increased risk.

Strategy 2 — All-in for those who love risks

There are some slots that allow you to place very large bets on a single spin. The core of this all-in strategy is that you set a maximum bet size and then wager all available credits on a single spin. The result is, of course, that you might receive very high winnings, but you might also face equally high financial losses. Since you can lose a lot of money in a short time with this strategy, it is especially important that you do not overdraw your initial budget. If you achieve a profit with this strategy, you should have it paid out directly and end the game. This way you will not be tempted to gamble away the money you have won.

Strategy 3 — Desired payout without doubling function

Some of you have come across this strategy before in roulette. There it is called “Martingale”. This strategy also works similarly in slot machines. With it, you try to play as small a bet as possible at the beginning, which means that you will always make small winnings. You then bet the winnings from the previous round in full in the following round and hope that you will make another win. Keep doing this. If you make a profit, you bet it in full in the next round. If you then make a loss, you return to your original bet and start the strategy again. If you use this strategy, you can enjoy a long gaming experience without exposing yourself to too great risk of loss.

Strategy 4 — The Constant Stake Strategy

This strategy is probably the most obvious and simplest strategy, suitable for anyone who wants to be strategic but still play as simply as possible. This strategy basically consists of deciding on a maximum bet before you start playing, which you should not exceed later on. Choose a stake that you feel comfortable with and do not increase it.

In this way, you can play without having to think much until you have used up your budget or have reached your payout wish. By following this strategy, you can experience balanced playing without exposing yourself to too much risk of loss. This strategy is best suited if you want to try out a slot first and test the mechanics to see how you should proceed in the next games. And for those who are not ready to play for real money right away, you should try free spins, many great offers are available at

Is it worth being strategic and logical when playing in online casinos?

If you want to try out a new slot, find a new online casino or are simply looking for a logically justifiable approach to playing your future games, it may well be worthwhile to question and optimize your current approach. In recent years, many clever minds have sat down and tried to find out whether it is possible to defeat an online slot by relying on mathematical models and strategic approaches. There is no clear answer to this question. While it can indeed be worthwhile to resort to a strategy so that you can better control the course of the game and not exceed your budget, there is no strategy here that will always lead you to success regardless of the slot.

Rather, you should be aware that no strategy, no matter how well thought out and tried and tested it is, provides a one hundred per cent chance of winning when you play a slot. As already mentioned, it can nevertheless only bring advantages if you try to play as controlled and guided by logic as possible. You have to find out for yourself which strategy is best for you personally by trying out different approaches.