Houdy Demo

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Action Adventure Promoted Collection Unity

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Houdy by Lyxit HB is a great new platformer ready to give you a challenge! Download the game and get in on the action!

Houdy is a magician living in a small village together with his friends. With his great intellect and wisdom he's specialized in firecraft and parallel transportation. One day an act goes terribly wrong and Houdy gets trapped in his inner-self, the world of Animea. His skills get put to the test when he must escape the dangers lurking within..

Help Houdy to escape before it is to late! Take him through all the levels and make sure to collect all the stars on the way.


  • 40 Well-designed maps
  • Living animations and lovely graphics
  • A lot of different enemies
  • Crazy combinations of obstacles to beat
  • And much more.........

Please note that this is a demo version of Houdy. It contains a only 5 levels.

Based on the online demo, Houdy seems to be a decent action platformer. Your main task is to reach the finish line by avoiding obstacles and monsters while collecting as many stars as possible. The gameplay itself is quite smooth. I have no problem learning how to control it. The movement is responsive and there is no frustration comes from the control.

However, there are a few things that I would like to highlight to the developer regarding Houdy.
  • The grey color of cannon and cannonball's color are too similar to the mountaineous background. In times, they are very difficult to see in a glance.
  • In the last level of Houdy Demo, the player is climbing up high. However, you can't see where is the safe way to go down. Most likely, players will die once or twice at this stage.

In summary, Houdy can use a more appealing graphics, animations and effects. I would suggest an 8-bit retro pixel graphics would suit this well. Gameplay wise, Houdy is quite solid and I do enjoy playing through the demo.

Houdy Demo