Horse Racing Games To Play On Your Phone

Horse Racing Games To Play On Your Phone

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We spend more time than ever on our phones in this modern era, meaning that it isn’t surprising that huge investment has been made into the gaming titles that are available for consumers.

Sports games always rank among the most popular with gamers, as they are easy to play, and likely enable players to dip in and our throughout their busy day-to-day life. Games centered around sports such as football and basketball dominate many of the charts, but there is constantly a need for horse racing titles in order to offer fans of the sport a break after watching all the action on track.

But, what are some of the most popular horse racing games that are available to download on mobile devices?

Photo Finish Horse Racing

A title that typically ranks among the most popular with racing fans is Photo Finish. This is an excellent title for life-long followers of the sport, as it enables gamers to take control of all aspects of their runner’s career, starting with competing in local derbies before taking on bigger challenges in the championship races. You can simulate the 2024 Belmont Stakes contenders and then place a bet based on that simulation.

As well as being able to ride your horse in the biggest races, you will also be in control of hiring jockeys and training the horse to get the very best out of your runner. You can train your runner to compete over a number of different distances, before lowering his work ahead of a race on track.

It is fair to say that it is one of the most addictive games for horse racing fans, as you will instantly get hooked into the title due to the excellent graphics and animation.

There are some excellent creative elements to the title, which includes naming the horse and selecting the colours of the jockey and the colour of the horse. However, it could be improved by enabling users to opt for a filly in order to make Triple Crown history.

Rival Stars

Rival Stars is unlike many other horse racing titles available for mobile gamers, as it offers a narrative to the story. Most other games that are available will focus heavily on the on-track action, whereas Rival Stars has a backstory that gamers will be able to enjoy when playing through the title.

The game begins after you are gifting a stable by your grandfather following his retirement from the sport, and it ensures that your task is to take over the yard and achieve further success. Players can target success in a number of different ways, but unlike other titles, it features heavily on the breeding, with players in charge of buying the studs and mares that they will use in order to create a champion.

This is a big decision for users from the first minutes, as it will impact the distances that your runner will compete over. There are excellent features throughout the game, with players having the opportunity to enhance their chances of success on the biggest stage by managing the stable, and investing in staff to help within the operation.

Furthermore, players will be able to upgrade their facilities and set tasks for those working within the yard to ensure that you are always able to get the best out of the horses in your career. It is completely different to many other horse racing games out there, and that ensures that it is able to stand out from the crowd.

Horse Racing Manager 2024

One of the newest titles available to download for horse racing fans is Horse Racing Manager 2024. The title has only been available to download for a couple of months, and it has quickly become a massive hit with fans of the sport. It is one of the most unique racing titles available, as it enables users to compete against other players from across the world in Live PVP races, which are held every five minutes.

Users will be in charge of creating and training their own horse, ensuring that it is able to compete at the highest level by feeding the runner within your care with the best possible food. As well as this, you will take charge of the training, ensuring that it is best positioned to compete against the very best in the world.

One of the biggest responsibilities for users is to ensure that they strategize potential routes for their runner, taking into account the preference of ground conditions and distances that races are run at. Gamers will then compete in local derby events with their runner, earning rewards in order to power up your horse to reach the Ultimate Championship.

Players are able to watch the intense racing on track, or they could skip the race and find out the result before getting back to work on improving their runner ahead of their next outing.