Holi Ball

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Arcade Promoted Collection Unity

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Holi Ball by Seperto is a game about shooting a ball to a swinging pendulum and make sure that it lands to the green side.

DEVELOPER'S DESCRIPTION (based on full app version):
Tap to hit the ball and be careful from the stick. The stick auto-rotating from -60 to +60 to obstacle you.

You have 2 sides (green and red). The target is hitting the green side, avoid touching the red side. Get a highscore and compete with your friends in the leaderboard

There are 5 achievements:

  • First Game : Play the first game
  • 5 Con-Games : Play 5 concurrent games , without exiting the game
  • 10 Con-Games : Play 10 concurrent games , without exiting the game
  • 50 Games : Play 50 game in general
  • 100 Games : Play 100 game in general

Holi Ball is a simple game where you have to direct the ball and hit the green side. However, a swinging pendulum is in your way. the pendulum will swing in variable speed, which gives this game the challenge.

Please do note that this game requires you to have/create an ID.NET account to play. It is used for achievement and leaderboard backend system with ID.Net.

Overall, Holi Ball is quite a challenging game that may not be for everyone. I do wish to see more variation of the game with power ups or skills such as triple ball, freeze or slow down.

Holi Ball