Hex Takeover

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Hex Takeover is a turned-based strategy game played on hexagonal boards. The objective is to conquer the most tiles to win. But it is not as easy...

Tiles can be cloned to adjacent spaces or they can jump up to 2 spaces ahead. Landing near opponent tiles will convert their tiles into yours, similar to the classic game Reversi. Cloning and Jumping have different implications on your strategy. Cloning a piece means that you get more tiles of your color on the board. Jumping sometimes could be beneficial if you spot enemy pieces further away but want to conquer them. The game ends when the board is filled up with tiles or your eliminate all your opponents!


Earn coins on each battle and use them to unlock new territory and unlock new characters!

Instruction to Play Hex Takeover

During your turn, tap on your tiles to choose your next move. Conquer the enemy pieces to win!

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If you are using Chrome and unable to play the game, please check this guide to enable WebGL on Chrome.

Hex Takeover