Help Alice is an experimental game about artificial neural network that will assume emotion from drawing.

Help Alice is artificial neural network that will assume emotion from drawing. She is still learning by herself, through the internet or you can teach her. Her intelligence is about 50~60% there. She evolves everyday. Btw, her name is Alice.

You can also help Alice to learn by uploading an image to her colleague, Help Lindsay.

As the developer describes, Help Alice is experimental and still considered as a demo.

Help Alice is basically an emotion simulation game that will guess an emotion based on what the face that you draw.

While you can draw anything you want such as a tree or a flower, Help Alice will not make sense unless you draw faces. Even then, currently, the game is still far from being 100% accurate. This is where you can come in to contribute to the project. You can help the game to learn more and more accurate emotion based on your drawing and input.

Overall, if Help Alice is a good short game for your amusement. It's nice to see what the AI thinks about what you draw. If Help Alice can get its accuracy up to at least 90%, it will definitely be something to look forward to!